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K-State Slate, 7/8/08

Quickly, before I must go to work...

From the "You weren't thinking, were you?" Department, Part I: Leon Patton, our presumptive starter at running back, was arrested after being pulled over for driving on a suspended license. Turns out Patton had outstanding warrants for theft and failure to appear.

He has been suspended indefinitely.




(In semi-unrelated news, don't miss this post from EDSBS. It's a must-read about young athletes and crime)

From the "You weren't thinking, were you?" Department, Part II: Michael Beasley was only able to manage 28 points in 23 minutes in his first NBA summer league game. It just so happened the Heat were playing the Bulls, and the player Chicago made the No. 1 overall pick, Derrick Rose, managed an awesome 10 points and four assists against five turnovers.

Of course, scientifically it's unfair to project much from such a small sample size (i.e., one summer league game), but this is America, so we have license to thoroughly overreact to such small sample sizes.

Just Plain Good Stuff: From the newspaper of that town down the river, a phenomenal article about new K-State athletic director Bob Krause. If you haven't read it already, don't miss it. Especially...

"Taking a key off that, accomplishing cultural change to where people could understand, ‘Look, we don’t have to compare ourselves to others. We can’t be all things to all people. We’ll be good on our own, and you really can’t compare yourselves to others. Let’s get strong on our own.’ Jon’s capacity to lead and to get people to dream big dreams to work hard and not give up (has helped to bring about the cultural change)," Krause said.

Keep Voting! Voting on the polls farther down the page increased after yesterday's plea to rock the vote, for which I thank you. The results so far clearly indicate you are looking for more previews of the 2008 football season, which I will soon be providing.