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K-State Slate, 7/31/08

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There's a new blog in town: Please join me in welcoming the new Big 12 blog over at ESPN, run by former San Antonio Express News writer Tim Griffin.  Though the Ralphie Report recently expressed its displeasure with Griffin's work thus far, I've enjoyed Griffin's missives, and recommend regular visits to see what is new in his corner of cyberspace.

It was also nice of him to put up a story discussing K-State right as I was getting ready to write this post.  Specifically, the numbers from the Chronicle of Higher Education show K-State ranks first in the Big 12 and fifth nationally in money spent on athletic recruiting.  I only wish that represented something more than just keeping up with the competition.  When the NCAA outlawed use of university-owned airplanes in recruiting, it was inevitable that our recruiting budget was going to substantially increase.  No doubt a more national approach to football and basketball recruiting has contributed to the figure, but from Manhattan you have to fly almost no matter where you're going to see a recruit.  A gold star to you, the NCAA, for finding yet another way to keep remote, financially unprivileged schools down.

Be sure to check out posts from Griffin such as why the Big 12 hates Texas (while success and money are probably the primary reasons, I would include the inordinate amount of t-shirt fans), his dream Big 12 non-conference matchups (not no, but hell no), and the Big 12's most hated programs (he has Nebraska entirely too low).

Sharp Colors: The Sunday Morning Quarterback (who will be leaving SB Nation soon, unfortunately for us), ranks K-State's helmet fourth-best in the nation.  Also, three Big 12 teams in the top four?  Nice.

Mythbusters: Over at Burnt Orange Nation, Peter looks at some common perceptions going into this season and, with input from his numerous readers, tries to decide whether they are misperceptions.

My comments?  Colorado will not win the Big 12 North, though I do think they will finish a respectable third.  Also, though this one was not addressed, I think it's a myth that Texas Tech can't/won't challenge for the South title this year.  I've heard that one before, in regards to Missouri last year, and the Tigers showed they were ready.  I won't be surprised at all if Captain Leach's troops do the same.

J-Mart's Back: After an approximately two-week break, K-Stated is back with a vengeance.  First we heard that DJ Keem Dawg in Kissimmee is having "Da Teen Party of the Yr" in celebration of Kwamaine Brown's arrival at K-State, then today it sounds like Frank Martin, Dalonte Hill and Company may be in on big-time Florida guard Kenny Boynton.

That's all for today.  Have a killer Friday.