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Whaddya want from me?

Hello BOTCers, as always it's your local blogger. I'm writing this post with two goals in mind. Specifically...

1. To apologize. My blogging has not been up to par this summer. Part of it is due to my hectic schedule, which involves an 8:30-5:30 job (I'm sure you all feel SO sorry for me) and trying to play golf or exercise after work, not to mention eating and hanging out with the girlfriend every once in a while. I shall try to do better.

2. To take the temperature of Wildcat Nation. What do you want to see here at BOTC? So far this summer, I've talked about what I remember from the 1990s, introduced guest columnist Whason Jitlock, and penned one post looking at the upcoming football season. Judging by readership and membership, this hasn't been doing it for most people, so I'm writing this post and presenting the poll below to find out what you want. Vote in the poll, leave a comment, or email me at to tell me what you want to see.