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K-State Slate, 7/22/08

Big 12 media days started yesterday and continue today here in my current city (KC). Ron Prince and the Wildcats are on the slate for today, so I'll try to have a recap post up tonight summarizing what was said. Yesterday was Texas Tech's turn, which means all kinds of good stuff from "Captain Leach," as Seth calls him, so check out Double-T Nation for the full rundown.

Northen Migration: Blair Kerkhoff thinks the buzz is moving from the South to the North now that Mizzou and KU have emerged as threats. He's right in that the North is far more competitive now than it has been since 2003, but overall the Great Plains teams have a ways to go to catch up with the Red Dirt State and One Star State teams.

Who stole your computer, Jason? After sitting down and listening to Ron Prince, twice, Jason Whitlock now thinks the Cats could win eight games this fall. While I acknowledge that this is Division I football, and thus anything can happen, I'm quite surprised that Whitlock is more optimistic than I about the upcoming season. I can only hope he's right.

May I be so objective: I hope to God nothing like this ever happens at my alma mater. But if it were, I also hope that I can look at it and call a spade a spade like the bloggers at Black Heart Gold Pants did. What an absolute disaster at UI.