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K-State Slate, 7/15/08

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Not a whole lot of K-State news out there, so this will be more of a grab-bag of K-State Slate.

Scheduling: Over at Dawg Sports, Kyle has responded to my weekend post discussing scheduling. Also, as Kyle notes, the Auburn blog Track 'Em Tigers has weighed in on the issue.

Facebook! You can now be a fan of BOTC on Facebook. Please, be a fan? Pretty please?

Jaaaaaaackaaaaaaaasssss! Over at Crimson and Cream Machine, Jubanator (not Matt, sorry) names Nebraska fan James W. Conradt (aka "Darth Husker") his "Jackass of the Summer." (Although it has now been toned down to "Idiot," I will maintain my disdain and keep it as "Jackass") Conradt is the one who lifted the NewsOK template and made up a fake story about Sam Bradford and Landry Jones being coke dealers (little "c" coke, not big "C" Coke).

Conradt's troubles just began with CCM naming him a jackass, because now Conradt faces a lawsuit filed by the Oklahoma Publishing Co. Also, Jones' father said he has "deep enough pockets" to go after Conradt legally, although I should note it generally costs very little to retain a plaintiff's attorney, who then works on a contingency-fee basis. But we're all impressed by your deep pockets, Mr. Jones!

Anyway, my biggest question in this whole situation has yet to be answered. That is, why in the hell does someone who lives in Austin, Texas (in my humble opinion the greatest city on earth) waste so much time in front of a computer?

In the matter of Beaks v. Small-Business USA: Over in Lawrence, KU's lawyers clearly don't have enough to do. So to make summer a little more interesting, they sued (yes, I realize they sued them long ago) a small t-shirt maker in Lawrence on various infringement theories. Yesterday, the crack legal squad for the 'beaks won a massive $127,000 jury verdict, which should just about cover the attorney's fees for however long this case was dragged out. Anything that is left over will surely go to fine cigars for Lew Perkins and exquisite steak dinners for Mark Mangino.

And if one of KU's lawyers really did say that KU owns the color blue in the state of Kansas, well, that goes right to the top of the list of all-time stupid attorney claims. Alas, consider the source on that last link.

Finally, I realize this has happened before, but at least the University of Texas had the decency and intelligence to sue a t-shirt maker for Texas A&M, not their own school.

Recruiting Porn: Nebraska secured a QB commitment from God last week.