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K-State Slate, 7/1/08

Going to Beijing: In keeping with the Rock M Nation rules of style...Christian Smith: Olympian. Tom Pappas: Olympian. Smith is a former track and field athlete at K-State, while Pappas currently coaches the Wildcat track and field team.

Even better, check out the picture below of Smith diving across the finish line to make the field.


(Photo courtesy Yahoo Sports.)

Headed to the Hall: Appropriately, Bill Snyder and Jon Wefald will be inducted into the Kansas State Athletics Hall of Fame together. No further analysis necessary, just loud, sustained applause.

Hot Seat: Over at Coaches Hot Seat (I'll let you guess what their Web site is all about), they take a look at Ron Prince and K-State's prospects for the 2008 season. This post is thankfully devoid of the cheap shots from the New York Times' "blog," but I tend to believe they presented a worst-case scenario for the Cats this upcoming season. They even seem to recognize as much by noting several games should be very close.

We'll look more closely at the schedule in the days and weeks to come, but at this point let me state the following: the game at Louisville is entirely winnable, and there are at least a couple wins among games against Texas A&M, Colorado, KU and Nebraska (they have us losing all four).

But hey, we'll see.