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K-State Slate, 6/6/08

Manhattan Classic a Smash: Last weekend's Manhattan Classic AAU basketball tournament appears to have been a huge hit with the locals and the players. The tournament featured possible future Wildcats from the D.C. Assault (Wally Judge, Rodney McGruder) and the Brandon Bass All Stars (Latavious Williams). All three players are in the class of 2009, although it's possible Williams could be on campus next year if he finishes his course work on time.

Today, the TCJ has a quick Q&A with Judge, who seems to really enjoy Manhattan. He talks pretty extensively about the support shown for K-State basketball players, starting from his first visit for Madness in Manhattan.

While we're on the subject: It has been my opinion for a long time that one of our greatest assets at K-State is an appreciation for what our athletes do for us. That's not to say we don't notice or make note of mistakes and flaws, but at least for me, I always try to do so with an understanding that they are even younger than I, and are putting in incredible hours to provide entertainment for the fans.

Along those lines (sort of), a friend of mine recently gave me an old collection of K-State memorabilia. It includes old Sports Illustrateds with K-State articles, old bowl programs, and newspaper clippings. It's a fascinating walk through history. In the near future, I'll be going through some of that history on here. If we are to continue to provide an environment where young athletes feel like they are supported by the fans, I think it's important for us to remember where K-State came from.

Quickly...Pitcher Thomas Rooke is a freshman All-America, according to Collegiate Baseball...second baseman Brett Scott is an academic All-America, according to ESPN the Magazine...the NCAA Track and Field Championships are June 11-14, and keep an eye on Track Cats such as Loren Groves in the hammer throw and defending national champion Scott Sellers in the high jump...check out The Ralphie Reports' hilarious look at what happens during conference meetings (trust me, it's good, even if his take on Arrowhead Stadium is wrong. Someone from Colorado doesn't like something in Kansas City? I'm shocked. Shocked, I tell you.).