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K-State Slate, 6/24/08

The Ring: On Saturday, August 30, 2008, K-State will not only take on North Texas, it will also add four names to the Ring of Honor at Bill's House. Wildcat legends David Allen, Terence Newman, Martin Gramatica and Mark Simoneau will be added to the list, and all deservedly so. Let's just hope Gramatica doesn't injure a knee celebrating.

Hot Pix: At the recently redesigned K-State athletic department site, we now have a page called "K-State Pix," wherein you can purchase prints of official athletic department photos.

Just when I was starting to think my office/apartment looked a little bare, leave it to this site to come along and save me.

They Call Him "White Owl": If you watched any home football games for that school down the river, you probably noticed this guy (more videos here and here).

Now, the quintessential representative of that school down the river (I love how the KC Star calls him KU's "mascot") has found true love. But I'm a little suspicious of the 22-year-old student marrying the 61-year-old hippie. I think she's just after his money.

Such a hateful world: Up at Corn Nation, they have put together a list of the five teams they hate the most. Funny, except for Missouri, I'm guessing the teams on that list could not care less about the Huskers.