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K-State Slate, 6/18/08

I'm baaaack!

I doubt you missed me, but for the last week we've had some, uhh, issues here in KC. The cable box for my neighborhood got annihilated by lightning last week, necessitating purchases of a new TV and modem. As such, I have been without home Internet access for a week. It was as awful as it sounds.

Anyway, I'm back, and there's a lot of news to cover, so I'll get to it.

From the "Think Before You Speak" Department: Last week I had a bit of a disagreement with Kyle over at Dawg Sports. Kyle named Texas Tech as one of his four "most overrated" teams heading into the 2008 college football season. Seth over at Double-T Nation picked up on the story, and I threw in an ill-considered, early morning comment about SEC teams and schedules. Kyle in turn picked up on my comment, and proceeded to blister my writing as well as my reasoning. While I stand behind at least some of that comment, and will write a post in the near future articulating my position, Kyle rightly pointed out the deficiencies of my argument. We discussed our differences, publicly and privately, and have come to an understanding.

See, reasonable minds can disagree, and not hate each other afterwards.

Damn the Torpedoes! In what has to be one of the unluckiest careers (to date) of all time, Bill Walker has decided to enter the NBA draft despite a knee injury. I really, really hope Walker is picked up by a team that will give him a chance and that he makes the most of it. Best of luck, Bill.

Of course, you know what this means. Soon Jason Whitlock will weigh in with why this was the best (or worst) decision in the history of organized thinking. Stay tuned.

Love In An Elevator: While we're near the subject, Whason Jitlock has alerted me that he intends to provide some commentary on the most recent transgression at KU, namely Sherron Collins' inability to understand the legal system after demonstrating his ball-handling and post-banging skills in an elevator, uhh, shaft.

He's "The Rookie" Normally I wouldn't point you to the WWL, but this time they're on to something. In a new series called "The Rookie," ESPN is featuring Michael Beasley and his run up to the NBA Draft.

Watching this video was exhilirating for me, because it confirmed that B-Easy and I have at least one thing in common: we both tie our own ties. Although, if I do say so myself, I tie mine way better than he ties his. And for that, I will earn less money in my lifetime than he will next year.

We wondered for a while...but now it has been confirmed that Bob Lutz is not only a bitter, smoking shell of a human being, but as a St. Louis Cardinals fan, he also clearly has no soul.

I know you're as shocked as I am.

Finally, from the "It's Scary How Right They May Be" Sector: Over at Mizzourah, we find a feature called "2008 Big 12 Teams as Potato Chips." I'd make fun of how bored they must be this offseason, but I'm writing posts about pop culture from the 1990s.

Anyway, here is what Mizzourah thinks of K-State football for the upcoming year, in terms of crunchily cooked potatoes:

Kansas State- Funyuns I realize this may be hard for you to believe, but in a past life, we were known to partake in some 'munchie needing' activities every once in awhile. With that said, K-State and Funyuns were great a few years ago. Now they are played out and everyone is embarrassed to be associated with them. To put it bluntly; they are fucking terrible.

While realizing the ominous implications it has for us as K-State football fans, I will state that if anybody should know what "fucking terrible" looks like, it is certainly a Mizzou fan.