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K-State Slate, 5/8/08

Finals are over, and I couldn't be more elated.  Of course, that means a travel day tomorrow as I return to Kansas City for the summer.  Don't expect an update tomorrow, but feel free to post something new in the diaries for everyone to discuss.

Nothing like an accurate headline: Check out the following screen shot from yesterday's Wichita Eagle Web site.

The article titled "K-State misses on APR" chronicles the performance by K-State, KU, Wichita State and Oklahoma State in the recently released NCAA academic progress rate (APR) report.  I find it interesting they chose to single out K-State's loss of a scholarship in men's basketball rather than, oh, say, KU's loss of two scholarships in football.  Meanwhile, the headline under KU's section, "Ahead of the class" refers to a 2010 KU basketball recruit.

Is Bob Lutz writing the headlines?  You'd think a senior sports editor would be above something menial like writing headlines, but apparently not.

Modern technology is a wonderful thing: Apparently the KC Star is still using a horse-and-buggy to get news stories, because it only took two days for it to realize we beat a top-five baseball team Wednesday night, not to mention a UC-Irvine team that played in Omaha last June a couple weeks ago.

Man, what's wrong with me today?  Vitriol for newspapers everywhere.

Why is this "Kansas State University" news?

You're all going to regret that a friend of mine showed me how to take screen shots, because I'm clearly abusing the privilege.  But let's stick with the theme here and keep finding fault with the local rags.  Here's a selection from the KC Star today:

He's not our coach.  He's West Virginia's coach.  West Virigina isn't anywhere near Kansas City, Mo.

Quite Probably My Favorite Wildcat: His whole life, Darren Sproles was told he couldn't.  He was too small to play Big 12 football.  He stuttered in interviews with the media.

He overcame it all, and now he's playing in the NFL and helping others with speech impediments.

Darren, keep carrying that banner high.

K-Stated: Check in with Jeffrey Martin over at K-Stated for some new and interesting info.