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K-State Slate, 5/6/08

They're No. 1 No.3/4: Tonight, the Bat Cats welcome No. 1 3/4 Arizona State to Manhattan.  First pitch is slated for 6:30 p.m., so if you're in or near Manhattan, you should definitely head over to Tointon.  It's not every decade that the best baseball team in the country comes to MHK.  If you're listening on the radio, feel free to track the game's progress in the comments.

The Season Lives!  Despite a disappointing finish at the Big 12 championships, the men's golf team will live to play another three days.  Tim Norris's crew was selected as a participant in the NCAA West Regionals, to take place May 15-17 in Bremerton, Wash.  That's an important accomplishment for a program that has been struggling to regain the level of play it exhibited from 2002-04.  Good luck on the west coast, Cats!

Stay Safe, Manhattan: A Sabetha man is in custody after a stabbing last night east of campus left two people injured.  Not enough details at this point to know whether it included any K-State students, although the perpetrator is apparently not a student.

It's not me, it's you: A news flash to the NCAA: when you enact regulations with which 700 of your teams cannot comply, the regulations may be flawed.  I wrote about this academic progress report last year at the old blog, and my contentions remain.  In many ways, the standards the NCAA has promulgated do not reliably deter problematic academic behavior as much as they punish teams for things like transfers.

I'd like to dig into this more deeply, but with two finals in the next 41 hours, I simply don't have the time.  Such inquiry may be a project for the summer.  Leave any thoughts you may have in the comments or a diary.

Wish me luck.  The next two days will probably be pretty light around here, but after that I'm blissfully finished with my second year of graduate school.