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K-State Slate, 5/27/08

It was a hectic day and there's a helluva lot of K-State news to discuss.  Here we gooooooooooo!

My Assignment For You, BOTCers: When Burnt Orange Nation made the switch to SBN 2.0, PB had the brilliant idea of using FanShots to create a UT highlight vault.  Let's do the same thing.  Here are the instructions (I'll get things started after this post is finished):

1) Go here and stick the FanShot button on your browser.

2) Go to YouTube and find a K-State highlight you love.

3) Use your FanShot widget to send it to BOTC.

4) Make sure you tag the Fanshot with 'youtube' and 'k-state highlights', along with other relevant descriptors.

And that's it. Instant vault of K-State highlights, sortable by tag.

Updating the basketball roster: I'll be damned if I have a clue about counting scholarships, but Frank Martin announced today the signing of Jordan Henriquez, a 6'11", 220-pound high schooler from New York.  I know next to nothing about him, other than the obvious: he's gonna need to pack on some pounds.

Also, and importantly, Martin announced Andre Gilbert is leaving K-State, and he's doing so in good academic standing.  Given the problems we have with the NCAA's ridonkulous APR formula, it's huge that players don't leave the program in bad academic standing.  I can't say there's much about Gilbert I'll miss as a contributor to the team, but you can't say anything bad about a kid who kept his grades up, played his role, and mostly stayed out of trouble.

Bat Cats Snubbed: OK, snubbed is probably too strong of a word, because it would have been a minor miracle for a .500 team to be selected for the NCAA tournament.  All the same, I find it a shame that OU got in ahead of us.  But that's just because I'm bitter.

Overall, a good finish to the season by K-State, and a season that can be built upon with wins over Wichita State, Arizona State and UC-Irvine, not to mention a second consecutive appearance in the Big 12 tournament and a tournament championship-game appearance.

I Guess He's "Dalonte $400K" Now: After a full year of working under a term appointment, men's basketall associate head coach Dalonte Hill has signed a formal contract.  His deal is for five years and pays $420,000.  I'm sure Jason Whitlock is foaming at the mouth over this one as though someone just set half a cow and a heaping helping of tireamisu in front of him.

Speaking of Whitlock, I had no idea he cared about the Indianapolis 500, but apparently he does.  Apparently, he cares about IRL, too, because he is now their P.R. agent, and his first advice is to let Danica Patrick kick everyone's ass.  Which would be a great idea, except for two things:

1.  Danica is 5'2" and weighs 100 pounds.  I would probably even have a chance in a fair fight.

2.  Cheap stunts and fights are for pro wrestling and NASCAR, in that order.

That's it for today.  I'll be back sometime tomorrow with a new "BOTC Thing from the 90s."