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K-State Slate, 5/2/08

It's still a really slow news time, so my apologies for the lack of K-State links.  In six days, I'll be done with final exams and should be able to get a few more creative things going to get us through the summer months.  Just bear with me these next few days and please, feel free to post something for discussion in the diaries.

Landon Lecture: If there's a better university lecture series in the country than K-State's Landon Lecture, it hasn't been presented to me.  Earlier this week, CIA director Michael Hayden delivered the most recent lecture.  Even better, the lectures are open to all K-State students and faculty and the general public, as well.  A list of past Landon Lecture speakers can be found here.

Where will he go?  Speculation abounds over at the KC Star regarding where Michael Beasley will be drafted.  You can't go wrong with either Beasley or Derrick Rose, but passing up Beasley at No. 2 should get an NBA general manager fired.

Back to Earth: The Royals lost again last night to lowly Texas, and are now 12-16 on the year.

From the "didn't know you were still alive" category: For those of you who are interested in the "Blogs vs. Traditional Media" debate, here's an interesting story for you.  Bob Costas invited Will Leitch (of Deadspin) onto his show, "Costas Now," for a panel discussion of blogs and traditional media.  Also invited were Buzz Bissinger (also known as the guy who wrote "Friday Night Lights") and Cincinnati receiver Braylon Edwards.  To sum it up, the 'panel discussion' devolved into Bissinger hurling profanity-laced invective at Leitch for, I kid you not, lowering the level of discourse in America.

I would like to make all manner of intelligent remarks on this topic, but two things are stopping me from doing so.  First, family law and business organizations aren't going to learn themselves.  Second, everyone else has already beaten me to it.  Check out this post over at Rock'M Nation for a good list of those who have already weighed in.  Particularly,  read Orson's eloquent statement of "Who We Are" over at EDSBS.

Sorry, that story is probably only interesting to bloggers and other j-school-dork types, but I found it interesting, dammit.

That's all I have for now.  I'll put a baseball thread up later for this weekend's baseball series with Missouri.