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BOTC Presents: Things from the 90s

In my finals-week delirium, I occasionally took study breaks to do various odd things.  You know, work out, watch TV, plan my entire summer hour-by-hour.  One of those breaks was dedicated toward brainstorming posts to fill the long summer months here at BOTC.

I will honestly claim that I came up with this idea before reading Seth's "Music I Like, But Probably Shouldn't Admit in Public," but the two ideas are so similar I felt obligated to give him credit for a good idea.  Of course, my idea is infinitely worse than his, so maybe he doesn't want credit.

Either way, here it is: I grew up in the 1990s.  Started school in 1989, so I experienced the full spectrum of the 90s from various age perspectives.  As such, I've decided to run through a bunch of things that I remember from the 90s.  You'll notice I didn't say things I like from the 90s, just things I remember.  The initial idea was to use a bunch of music videos, but I'm thinking about branching out to other things.  Ideas are welcome, feel free to send yours to bring on the cats --at-- gmail --dot-- com

After the incredibly brief intro, here is your initial "BOTC Thing From the 90s":

Warren G and Nate Dogg, Regulate

(I had to link to it because embedding has been disabled by request.  Damn you, intellectual property lawyers!)

Maybe it's a little odd to put this song in a "things from the 90s" list, because it transcends that whole time-space continuum, whatever it is.  But every time I hear this song, I tend to think more of middle school dances than I do regulating any stealing of my property.  Plus, unlike most Texans, I'm not particularly handy with the steel, if ya know what I mean.

For a middle school kid from whitebread Nebraska, it was imperative that we get something played at dances that had something resembling a beat.  This song was juuuuuuuuust clean enough (it was the Bible Belt, after all) to get by the censors, although the school admins weren't thrilled with it.  Plus, most of us were just starting to experience voice change, so we always liked to see who could hit the low note on "Eastsiiiiiiiiiide, mote-ey-ee-ey-ellllllllllll."

There you have it.  BOTC's first "thing from the 90s."  This series will be updated with great frequency, or approximately every time I don't have anything else to write about.