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K-State Slate: Happy Mother's Day

Mom, I promise I'll call as soon as I get this posted...

Rubber Game Today: After splitting the Friday and Saturday games with Oklahoma, the Bat Cats face a crucial nine innings today in Norman, Okla.  The conference standings are a bit muddled right now because the Nebraska/Texas A&M and Missouri/KU games were postponed due to rain yesterday, but we do know this: K-State is eighth in the conference standings, half a game behind KU (who must play two games against Mizzou today) and half a game ahead of today's opponent, OU.  Win this game, and we have a 1.5 game lead on OU and the tiebreaker.  Also, if we win today and KU splits today with Mizzou, we would remain tied with KU for seventh place with the Sunflower Series coming up next week.

First pitch today is at 1 p.m., and you can listen to the game at 1350 KMAN.  Follow the KU action over at Rock Chalk Talk or on the NCAA's live-scoring page.

Gentlemen, Start Your Wallets: I didn't mean that lead-in to be sexist, so ladies, you're included, too.  Point is, K-State is embarking on a major facilities-upgrade project and, as most things do these days, it's gonna cost us.  To the tune of $70 million, to be exact.  It will be money well-spent, though.  The last two years I've seen the megatrons and sports palaces at Texas and Texas A&M and, frankly, we have some work to do.

I do like this quote from athletic director Bob Krause:

"No, you don't need marble and cherry wood coming out the ears," Krause said. "You don't need the red waterfalls and all that stuff. You need a plan, you need the right people, and you need the patience to work with the plan."

That's just about it for today.  A happy and relaxing Mother's Day to you all.