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K-State Slate: Quick Update from San Antonio

I got a ticket for face value and will be at the game tonight, although my perch will be high enough to give a mountain lion a nosebleed.  Let's go Memphis!

Despite doing some things well, the Bat Cats got swept in College Station this weekend.  That leaves K-State 2-7 in conference play, although KU got swept by struggling Baylor, also, so we're not in the cellar.

On Saturday I went to the NCAA's "Hoop City" fan fest here in San Antonio and wandered around.  About two hours later, while down on the River Walk, a friend of mine called to tell me Michael Beasley was at Hoops City signing autographs.  After a five block sprint back there, I managed to get in line in time to get his autograph.  He was happy to see my K-State shirt and hat.  I thanked him for coming to Manhattan, but did not ask what he's thinking about next year.

On that subject, it appears Beasley will announce his decision on April 14th.  Or what he's thinking about his decision.  Or whether he's going to make a decision.  Or something.

I'm out.  Things will be back to normal around here sometime tomorrow or Wednesday.