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K-State Slate, 4/4/08

Not a whole lot of news to get to today, and I'm in a hurry so we're forgoing the usualy formatting.

At the top of the list, Bob Krause will be the new athletic director at K-State.  He has been the vice president for institutional advancement for the past 22 years.

Michael Beasley still hasn't decided whether to stay in school or go pro.  In my opinion, it's a foregone conclusion, although I'll be the first to welcome him back if he decides a second year in Manhattan is what he wants.

Kimberly Dietz was named an Associated Press All-American honorable mention yesterday.  Big congratulations to Kimberly, as I'm sure a little good news was welcome after her season-ending knee injury.

The baseball team is in College Station this weekend for a conference series with Texas A&M.  Check in with The 12th Manchild for everything you need to know about Texas A&M.  The series begins tonight at 6:30 p.m., and continues on Saturday and concludes Sunday.  You can catch the radio broadcast online at 1350 KMAN.

That's it for today.  I'm off to San Antonio in a few hours, and will be sure to have a Sharpie on hand at all times in case I run into Michael Beasley.