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K-State Slate, 4/30/08

This is going to be very short, as my first final is in five hours...

Cats Down Shox: Nice game by the Bat Cats last night to defeat No. 20 Wichita State, 3-2, at Eck Stadium in Wichita.

Pitcher of the Week: Thanks to his dominating Saturday performance against Texas, Brad Hutt is your Big 12 pitcher of the week.  A well-deserved honor.

Not a bad idea: At Kauffman Stadium last night, KU defeated Mizzou in the Border War game.  I don't tell you this because it has any particular relevance to your life at all, but JQ over at Rock Chalk Talk had a great idea the other day: invite K-State and Nebraska to Kauffman next year and make it a double-header.

I'm in.

Buchi!  Over at the TCJ, Austin Meek has a good summary of his recent interview with new basketball recruit Buchi Awaji.  Worth a read.

If you see anything else that is particularly relevant, feel free to post it in a diary or the comments.