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K-State Slate, 4/3/08

Some quick news and notes before I go catch some rays on the beach down in Galveston.

Bat Cats 13, Central Arkansas 6: Another nice win for the K-State baseball team last night in Manhattan.  Nate Tenbrink is on an absolute tear right now, hitting .375 with four home runs and seven RBI in his last five games.  Last night, he had a home run and four RBI.  Freshman Carter Jurica chipped in with a nice game, hitting 3-for-5 and batting in two runs.  Let's continue that run this weekend in College Station.

Break up the Royals!  The Boys in Blue beat Detroit yesterday, 4-0, to move to 2-0 on the season.  I must say I'm quite shocked that somebody shut the Tigers out this year.

Around the blogosphere we go...

Corn Nation rehashes some college hijinks.  It actually brings back fond memories of the dorm days in Manhattan, when I endured the same treatment in a bathroom where I couldn't lock the door.  Of course, the lack of a lock always came back to haunt the perpetrator of the first crime.

Reaction from around the blogosphere to dropping Fresno State from our schedule: "Pure gutlessness," "cowards," "Scaredy Cats."  I stand by what I wrote yesterday.

A great day to all.  Here's what I'll be "enduring" for the next few hours.