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Draft Report since 2000

(Bumped from the diaries.  Discuss...TB)

I can't take the credit for this, but I'm glad somebody put it all out there. The original story can be found at Inside the Draft: First Round Breakdown

I was really surprised to find that K-State was ranked in the top 20 in the nation of how many players that were drafted since 2000. We haven't had a real top 20 team since the 2003 season, but have still consistently put a steady number of Cats into the NFL. And overall I am a little surprised that the Big 12 in general hasn't put top numbers in. We have a pretty weak showing with Baylor, ISU, and KU not contributing much. Then we have a cluster of schools around the top 13-15. Anybody else completely shocked that with all the "domination" of the South that Nebraska has more draftees than OU and UT?