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K-State Slate, 4/23/08

Not much going on...

Anteaters Edge Cats: I have no idea if Anteaters actually live in Irvine, Calif., but last night the Anteaters from UC-Irvine dropped the Bat Cats, 4-3, at Tointon.  As I'm sitting here writing this, I'm looking at my cup from last year's College World Series and, oh yeah, there's a school on there called "U.C. Irvine."  Tough loss, but UCI is a pretty good team.

Bo Knows Whining: With a tip of my cap to the inimitable Wizard of Odds, take in this hilarious video of Bo Pelini whining after K-State's 38-9 rout of Nebraska in 2003.

It's clear Bo was a newcomer at Nebraska, because anyone at NU who would complain about somebody running up the score on Nebraska would have to be in the running for hypocrite of the new millenium.  Of course y'all should know my position on running up the score by now.  It's nice of a coach to call off the dogs, but in conference games, no quarter should be expected.

Controversy!  It's time for new personalized license plates in Kansas, and if I'm any judge of the state, new license plates are ripe ground for big controversy.  Here are the five designs, and you can (and should, it's your civic duty) go vote for them here.

This one looks like a bad tattoo.  And where's the word "Kansas," except in small letters on the state seal.

Much better.  I really like the incorporation of the state seal with a beautiful sunset.  I could approve this one.

The colors here are more neutral and would look better on most cars, but it kind of puts me to sleep.  Plus, while I realize the Indian archer on the left also adorns the capitol in Topeka, it still screams "Tootsie Pop" to me.

Similar to the second design, but a little too plain.  Good luck to the cops who will have to read letters and numbers with that dark windmill in the background of either design.

If it didn't say "Original Wild West" on the bottom, I would actually kind of like this one.

Interesting tidbits from around the webs...

EDSBS: Mark Mangino's house is for sale.  It's listed on the interwebs.  On its listing site, there are various pictures of it.  Orson at EDSBS used one of those pictures in a post.  Mangino got mad and had his agent call him to tell him to take it down.

Umm, OK.

Brian at MGoBlog has the picture posted and apparently has not yet been ordered to take it down by the big guy.  Enjoy.

Finally, enjoy this hilarious video of Colorado's new mascot, Ralphie V, running over one of her trainers and nearly causing mass chaos before finally running into her trailer at full speed.