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K-State Slate, 4/17/08

Here is some news now that I have recovered from nearly being victimized in family law class today.

Details, Details, Details:  Here are the specifics from Frank Martin's contract, according to the KC Star.  Good to have this done for several reasons.  First, now Martin can focus on recruiting and coaching without having to worry about whether he and K-State can come to a contract agreement.

As mentioned in the article, this will also help with recruiting.  Apparently competing schools have been telling recruits that Martin didn't have a signed contract, at least implying that was a reason not to choose K-State.  That reason is now gone.

Over at K-Stated, Jeffrey Martin has a good discussion going on concerning Martin's pay level (Frank's pay level, that is, not Jeffrey's).  I'm not ready to call Martin either a bargain or a burden at this point.  We had a good season this year with Michael Beasley, so now we need to see what Martin can do without Beasley, and possibly without Bill Walker.  Some of Martin's coaching was encouraging, while some of it was questionable.  I promise to finally get my basketball season-in-review posted soon, which will have more thoughts on Martin's job this season.

Other than the money, the best part of the contract has to be the membership to Manhattan Country Club.  I miss that place.  Will anybody with knowledge of the place fill me in on how the construction project is going?  Send email to bringonthecats --at-- gmail --dot-- com

While we're on the subject...: Over at the TCJ, Austin Meek mentions that there has been no news of a contract agreement for Dalonte Hill, who also worked this past season without a formal, signed contract.  I will remind you, as always, that you don't necessarily need a formal, written, signed contract in order to have an enforceable agreement, but it's not a good way to run an athletic department for any extended period of time (i.e., more than one year).  Let's hope we get some good news on that front soon, as Meek indicates we may.

Michael Beasley Slide Show: From a K-State fan in St. Louis, enjoy this montage of Michael Beasley's year at K-State.  But make sure you have 10 minutes to devote to it first.  Trust me, it's well worth it.

More Royals: Good news from Los Angeles (that's a phrase I don't use very often) last night as the Royals beat the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and Various Other LA Suburbs, 3-2.  It also marks the first win of the year for Gil Meche, who entered the season as KC's number-one starter.  If Meche can get back into the form he showed last season and Zack Greinke and Brian Bannister continue to pitch well, we might actually see a solid season from the Blue this year.

Oh and before I forget, Joakim Soria is a badass.

That's all the news I have for today.  But before I go, I would like to thank everyone for reading and commenting here.  I want this site to be collaborative, rather than just me talking and you reading.  Feel free to post a diary, comment on a post, ask a question via email, or whatever.  This is a site for all of us as K-State fans, not just for me to babble on.  Your input and viewpoint is always welcome, even if I don't always remember to ask for it.