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K-State Slate, 4/16/08

A fairly light day of news begins with my thanking of the reader who linked BOTC on the Manhattan Mercury reader forums.  Thanks for reading.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered: Frank Martin has signed a five-year contract with K-State, according to the K-State athletic department Web site.  Total compensation comes in at $760,000.

Following Recruiting: Unless you want to pay a subscription fee to, the best information in K-State recruiting comes from Jeffrey Martin's blog, K-Stated.  For now, just know that Cowley County's Montrell McDonald has narrowed his choices to K-State or Texas Tech, while it appears Buchi Awaji is a prime target of Frank Martin's staff.

Thank God there are others following recruiting.

Bo Pelini Hates Student Media: Interesting stuff from up north today, as it looks like the Daily Nebraskan (UNL's student newspaper) and NU football coach Bo Pelini are having a little lovers' quarrel.  Apparently, it all began when the Daily Nebraskan took the hammer (hatchet?) to Pelini over his handling of the Josh Williams situation.  In essence, Williams is alleged to have walked up to a man in a truck, punched him in the head, and robbed him of $900.


We're seeing strong arguments on both sides of this, as The Wizard of Odds commends the Daily Nebraskan for standing up to the football coach, while Husker Mike berates the student paper for its "hatchet job".  Mike also notes that Pelini apparently forgot that the reporters were not Bill Snyder.

I don't really see much that Pelini can do at this point in the Williams situation, as he is a recruit who is not on campus at this point.  I guess he could come out and make some statement about the situation, but even that would be open to criticism.  I do know one thing: calling the Daily Nebraskan offices and yelling at the reporters isn't going to do much good.

Oh, and I forgot to bring this up last week, but apparently Pelini has been trolling the O Street bars to make sure his football players are staying out of them.  Riiight, like Pelini needs an excuse to go hit the bars.

Congratu-frackin-lations: Our esteemed university president, Dr. Jon Wefald, has sent his heartfelt congratulations to that school down the river for their recent national championship.  I suppose I should exercise good sportsmanship and join in.

Just a sec.  (**Stretches**)  Gotta prepare.  (**Three quick shots of Jack**)  OK, here goes (**deep breath**).

Uhh...(**suppressing gag reflex**)