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K-State Slate, 4/11/08

A live baseball thread for the weekend baseball series with Baylor will be up shortly.  Feel free to listen to the broadcasts online and contribute to the discussion.

Also, I'm putting out a plea to you, the loyal BOTC readers, for story ideas.  We are hitting the beginning of a long, desolate stretch of the road (kind of like the western halves of Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Nebraska) where there will be little actual news.  If you have anything you would like looked into on here, whether it pertains to K-State sports, Big 12 sports, college sports or just sports in general, send me an email at

Some uplifting news today from the Clay Center Dispatch, as K-State donor Mark Chapman has made a $5 million bequest to Kansas State University.  The money will go to benefit the football and track and field programs, as well as the departments of art and history within the College of Arts and Sciences.  I can speak from personal experience that it is huge for the College of Arts and Sciences to receive big donation money, because most alums from those programs do not have high-paying jobs.

It's also nice to see that we have a donor who realizes his school includes an academic component as well as an athletic component, unlike certain Big 12 boosters.

Everything is all gooey between Josh Freeman and new quarterbacks coach Warren Ruggerio.  Even though they have different personalities that apparently mesh.  I guess what's best about that story is it shows the traditional media writers are as bored as I am right now.

More good news from the Sprint Center: the College Basketball Experience has been a huge hit.  I'm disappointed I haven't been able to check out the CBE yet, but that should change this summer.  So count me among those who will be contributing to the increased summer attendance.

Some odds and ends from Austin Meek's K-State blog.  He is also suffering through this slow news time.  Included: basketball recruiting, Beasley at a Clippers' game, and cell phone musings.  Don't feel bad, Austin, I have neither voice nor text messaging.  I'm not a fan of everyone having access to me at any and every second of the day.

This isn't really "news," but cornerback Josh Moore will be back this season after missing all of last year due to academic concerns.  That can be nothing but good for a defensive unit that was, uhh, lacking last season.

Another solid outing for the men's golf team last week, as the Links Cats took second place at the Missouri Tiger Intercollegiate.  The Cats are currently ranked 76th by Golfweek, which seems low to me at this point.  They will have plenty of chances to prove themselves in the coming weeks, however, as their next action will come at the Big 12 Championships in Trinity, Texas.  A good showing there will be needed to qualify for the Regionals.