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Did you really expect an update?

I mean, c'mon, it's time for The Masters!  The greatest four days in golf are upon us.  For more info, check out SB Nation's golf blog, Waggle Room.

On top of that, there really isn't any K-State news today.  On a personal note, I went to the Astros-Cardinals game last night and saw Albert Pujols smack two home runs in St. Louis' 6-4 victory.  

The weather inside the closed lid of Minute Maid Park was certainly infinitely superior to what the Royals and Yankees faced in Kansas City, but I'm sure Royals fans don't care... they're 6-2 after last night's 4-0 win over New York.  Also, if you're in or near KC and want to see the return of the good ol' powder blue uniforms, get out to the K on Saturday night for the game against Minnesota.

That's probably it for today.  Enjoy the Masters.