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K-State Slate, 4/1/08

All-American: Michael Beasley was named a unanimous first-team All-American on Monday by the Associated Press.  He is joined on that team by Tyler Hansbrough (Roy Williams' Team), Chris Douglas-Roberts (Memphis), D.J. Augustin (Texas), and Kevin Love (UCLA).

Beasley's selection is a historic day in K-State sports, as he becomes only the second K-Stater to be named an AP All-American.  The previous selection was Bob Boozer, in 1958-59.

BOTC extends its congratulations to Beasley for this honor.  As all K-State fans should, we thank him for his contribution to the K-State basketball renaissance and look forward to watching him play next year, no matter what colors he will be wearing.  But as he said recently, he will always be a Wildcat to us.

"I'm a Wildcat for life," he said. "I'm always going to be a Wildcat, no matter what my decision is. Four years, five years, 100 years from now — I'm always going to be a Wildcat."

Let's hope we do better than Colorado: It is now official that Renegade Hill and Fresno State won't be coming to Manhattan this fall.  K-State has announced Fresno State will be replaced by Montana State on the fall football schedule.

I pity those of you who will suffer through an early-September (September 6, 2008, is the scheduled date) game against an FCS opponent.  Here's hoping we avoid Colorado's fate.

Royals Win!  Alex Gordon hit a home run and made the game-ending out on a diving stop to seal Kansas City's opening day win over Detroit.  See Royals Review for more.

Can't Get Over You: With K-State out of the tournament, it's safe to say I'm getting most of my entertainment this week from the agony of fans of Roy Williams' Former Team over Deputy Dawg's departure five years ago.  That's right, it's been five years, and many fans of Roy's Former Team have not gotten over it.

Dadgummit, do I really have to act like I like that team I used to coach?

What I find most interesting about this is the portion of the KC Star story that notes fans of Roy's Former Team love Larry Brown--who left the program on probation--whereas they revile Williams, who didn't (although he was known to be ignorant of compliance on occasion).  I find it ironic that the same media who labeled K-State a "win-at-all-costs" program because it hired Bob Huggins does not level such an accusation at the other school in Kansas, which has a rich history of cheating to win.

Refund Info: As mentioned yesterday, the NCAA has nixed the Gridiorn Bash idea, because it is clearly so bad for student athletes (or not).  Here is the official refund information from

Notes from around the blogosphere:

Dude: Over at Corn Nation, JJ thinks we should kill "Dude Man" from the new Bud Light commercials.  He has some creative ideas for the killing, as well.

Expectations: Here is an excellent post from the SBN blog for UCLA, Bruin's Nation, on what constitutes reasonable expectations.  Definitely worth a read.

Have a great day, Wildcat fans.