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Open Game Thread: K-State vs. Iowa State

Who: K-State vs. Iowa State
When: March 8, 2008 | 3:00 p.m.
Where: Ames, Iowa | Hilton Coliseum (14,356)
Media: 1350 KMAN, Yahoo! Sports | ESPN+

We'll go ahead and combine today's "K-State Slate" with the open thread.  Links below.

From the KC Star, we get an interesting contradiction.  The headline says "K-State's star power could dazzle NCAA selectors," then you read the story and pretty much everyone who is quoted says Michael Beasley won't make any difference in whether K-State makes the field.  As an example, we get this from Missouri Valley Conference commissioner Doug Elgin, who I used to like...

"He (Beasley) shouldn’t make the difference. You shouldn’t leap-frog over a more worthy team because of an individual star," said Doug Elgin, Missouri Valley Conference commissioner. "I don’t think they’ll say, ‘Team X has this great player, let’s put them in the field.’ It doesn’t work that way."

Obviously you don't choose a team for the tournament solely because they have the best player in the country.  But that's not all K-State has to rely on.  A win today would put us 10-6 in the Big 12 and would lock up a third-place conference finish.  Those wins in conference have included beating KU, Texas A&M by 21, and Oklahoma on the road.  If we had, say, Nebraska's record, RPI and strength of schedule, but had Beasley, I would agree we didn't deserve a berth.  But we've proven that with Beasley and Bill Walker we have the star power to play with anyone in the country.

Down in Wichita, the Eagle's Jeffrey Martin says the time is now for K-State.  While I think a win over Iowa State today puts us in, we have a conference tournament to compete in, too.  Martin's copyeditors didn't do him any favors in the article, either, as it says the conference tournament last year was in Dallas.  It was played in Oklahoma City.

Also, a new "Mama Sayz" from Martin's excellent blog, K-Stated.

That's about it for the news today.  Use this as your open thread to discuss anything that's going on today.

Go Cats!