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K-State Slate, 3/5/08

My goodness, there's a lot going on today.  I really wanted to get into the SI article anointing Tyler Hansbrough player of the year, but that is going to be a long--though enjoyable--endeavor, and I just don't have the time tonight.  Or tomorrow, for that matter.  But it will be up by this weekend.  For now, I encourage you to read my case for Beasley from two weeks ago and a Beasley defense by SI's Luke Winn.  I will note that, as of right now, Winn is destroying Grant Wahl in the fan vote.

Joe Posnanski admonishes K-State fans that they should merely enjoy Michael Beasley's presence this year and not chant "One more year!"  (Or "Three more years!" as Beasley suggested recently).

Maybe admonishes is too strong of a word.  "Advises" might be a better choice.  But regardless, he's setting up something that needs to be discussed.  When Beasley leaves, as he inevitably will whenever this season is over for K-State, what will our reaction as fans be?

It seems absurd that I should even have to ask this question, but my experience in dealing with fans of every team and every type of sport teaches me that there are not as many rational people in the world as one might expect.  So I fully expect that, when Beasley announces he's off to make his fortune in the NBA, someone will inevitably feel cheated.

On this point, Posnanski is spot-on.  K-State fans have no reason to feel cheated, because Beasley has lived up to his part of the bargain.  He had to play college basketball somewhere, and chose to do it in Manhattan, Kan.  We provided him a venue and undying support, and he provided us with countless unbelievable moments.  I'll let Posnanski describe one of the most incredible, from just last night...

"On one play in the second half Tuesday, Beasley tapped a rebound to himself, then, while in midair, caught the ball, shot it and scored. It’s the kind of thing you see big brothers do to little brothers."

But while I agree with Posnanski that K-State fans have no right to harbor any hard feelings when Beasley decides to leave, I can't agree that anyone is somehow out of line to chant "One more year!"  For one thing, we've gotten a taste of his greatness, and we don't want to let it go.  For another, what kind of fans would we be if we didn't desperately want him to come back?  Every rational part of us realizes Beasley has nothing to prove by coming back, but being a sports fan is generally not a rational pursuit.  If we didn't cheer for him to come back, we would probably be seen as unappreciative fans.  I'm sure Jason Whitlock or somebody else at the KC Star would be all too happy to portray us as such.  

This is all just the opposite manifestation of Beasley's repeated comments that he's in no hurry to get to the NBA.  That may be entirely, 100 percent untrue, but he would look like an ungrateful and selfish person if he said it.  Similarly, we would look like apathetic, uncaring fans if we didn't let him know how important he has been to us.

All this is really a moot point, however, because I highly doubt that fans begging him to come back is going to have the slightest effect on Beasley's decision.  That's not intended to imply Beasley is selfish in any way.  But this has to be his decision, and it has to be for his reasons.  I'm sure he realizes that, I'm sure Frank Martin realizes that, and even more importantly I'm sure Beasley's mom, Fatima Smith, realizes that.

It's a litigious society we live in, which is probably good for me.  Football coach Ron Prince is being sued by a man claiming to be his former agent, while K-State is suing former defensive coordinator Raheem Morris.

Barry Terranova, an agent with ESM, claims he had an agreement with Prince that would pay him a portion of Prince's yearly salary.  According to the article, which is based on the court documents filed to date, Terranova claims he was Prince's agent despite never having a written or signed contract with him.  You certainly don't have to have a written, signed statement with another person to have an enforceable agreement, but I would find it quite surprising to see an agent-coach relationship in the modern sports world that wasn't fully detailed on paper.  On the other hand, it appears Prince paid Terranova for a couple years, which, if true, would bolster Terranova's claim that the two had an agreement.

Our beloved University is suing Morris for backing out of his contract early.  I really don't have much to say about that one because it's highly dependent on the specifics of Morris' contract, which I don't have.  Suffice it to say, I'd much rather be talking about what's happening on the basketball court than what's happening in district court.

Here is a quick run through some other news stories out there today...Bill Walker was again limited by foul trouble last night, some of which is reputation and some of which is poor defensive fundamentals that put him out of position...the TCJ's Pete Goering attempts an All-Big 12 team, and it has too many 'beakers on it...the K-State women's basketball team is playing right now in Lawrence for a Big 12 title*...Jeffrey Martin has a nice recap and game report, as usual, but for some reason he had to confirm with K-State SID Tom Gilbert, who had to confirm it with the Big 12 office, that K-State has a bye next week.  Trust me, a simple analysis of the standings would confirm that, we don't need to bother the UT fans conference folks in Irving.

And finally, your words of wisdom from Michael Beasley...

The proposal caught Beasley off guard.

"I thought he was going to do a rap," Beasley said.