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Happy Anniversary to Me

Fellow Wildcats and enemies alike, today is a historic day.  No, I'm not talking about the fifth anniversary of the Iraq War, or the 160th anniversary of Wyatt Earp's birthday.

Today makes it one year in the blogosphere for yours-truly.

On this momentous occasion, let me thank you, the loyal contributors to and readers of this site--and its predecessor--for making this an entertaining and enjoyable experience.  Let us go for a ride through history...


19th: A blog is born.
22nd: With no team in the NCAA Tournament to cheer for, I express my fondest tournament wish.  It is possible this will be reposted in the coming weeks.

5th: Amidst many expletives, Huggieville is no more.
6th: Tim Weiser and Jon Wefald act quickly and decisively (some may have said, rashly) to replace Bob Huggins with Frank Martin.
25th: The first of many posts criticizing the Big 12's management.

1st: I declare civil war on our Big 12 brethren from Texas.
3rd: A long, incoherent post criticizing the NCAA's "academic progress ratings."  I still think they're crap, although I did get a chuckle this week when I heard the other school in Kansas lost two football scholarships because of it.
24th: After about three too many margaritas, I lay waste to Omaha's desire for the Big 12 basketball tournament and Husker fans' disgust at certain Big 12 baseball tournament happenings.
30th: My Big 12 North football preview.  Hey, I got Missouri right!

7th: I interrupt celebrating my birthday because some no-good son of a b**** kidnaps and kills a young KC woman who would have been a freshman at K-State this year.
7th: Brian Butler is a moron.  Oh, and I wrongly criticize a write whom I now consider the best on the K-State beat.
9th: Scott Sellers is the NCAA Outdoor high-jump champion.
11th: My Big 12 South and overall conference predictions where, unsurprisingly, I got almost nothing right.
14th: Probably the seminal post in my blogging career, as I strongly criticize the Big 12's revenue-sharing plan and the politics that have plagued this conference from the outset.
25th: I read about two Oklahoma couples getting married in a Wal-Mart and think, hey, I can make fun of every fanbase in the conference!
29th: My tribute to Nebraska.
29th: My tribute to Iowa State.


3rd: My tribute to Missouri (no pictures anymore, apparently).
5th: My tribute to KU.
7th: My tribute to K-State, although the criticism of Chum's videos was thoroughly misguided.
7th: I discover there is a rock-paper-scissors national championship, and one of the competitors is a 'beaker fan.  He responds angrily to my post because I misspelled his name.  In typical 'beaker fashion, he found the post because he...Googled his own name.  Shocking.
8th: My tribute to Colorado.  You can't make this stuff up.
9th: TB's Best of the Big 12.  And yes, I am the authoritah.
10th: My tribute to Oklahoma State.  Warning: Mullets!
11th: My tribute to Oklahoma.
14th: My tribute to Texas Tech.
15th: My tribute to (or indictment of) Baylor.
15th: My tribute to Texas A&M.
18th: My tribute to Texas.
24th: I realize my site is the first result when someone Googles the words "HELP! I married a Husker fan."  (Tear, sniffle)


6th: Oh, happy day!  Josh Freeman passes his preseason conditioning test.
9th: An incredibly long post comparing Big 12 schools based on...Facebook statistics.
14th: The day in which I become a born-again blogger and Bring On The Cats is formed.
21st: The official BOTC Guide to Game Weekend in Manhattan.
24th: An angry column about football and a gratuitous image of Marisa Miller can go a long way.


2nd: A close loss to Auburn leaves us with hope for a good football season.  If we only knew...
6th: TB takes on traditions and the infamous "don't forget your towel" video.
9th: A day in which we defeat San Diego State.  Umm, awesome, I guess.
16th: We beat up on Missouri State.  Swizzle, dizzle.
30th: We beat Texas!  We beat Texas!  Holy hell, we beat Texas (twice)!  With pictures from my trip to Austin!


4th: Professor TB distributes a law school exam asking for an answer to who will win the Sunflower Showdown.
6th: A dark, dark day.
15th: We piss-pounded Colorado and I was there.
17th: I compare Manhattan's restaurants to Big 12 schools.
21st: Little did we know it at the time, but a heart-breaking loss to Oklahoma State would also become a back-breaking loss.
22nd: A Q&A with BearMeat.  I really shouldn't have to say more.
28th: We defeat the righteous Baylor Bears for our final win of the season.


3rd: Michael Beasley bursts onto the Manhattan scene, while the football slide begins.
7th: My completely insane projection for the K-State/Nebraska game.
10th: Ugh.
17th: The Michael Beasley watch begins as the football season winds to a wretched, painful end.
25th: A loss to Fresno State finishes us off, and TB delivers his "State of K-State" address.
28th: Bob Lutz criticizes Frank Martin's potty mouth, and I note his blatant hypocrisy in doing so.
30th: Bill Walker mistakes a towel for a port-o-potty.


18th: I get my first look at the Sprint Center and yeah, it's safe to say it was love at first sight.


3rd: Mark Mangino is an official BOTC Enemy of K-State.
9th: If Seth Davis invests in the stock market, he clearly loses money.
13th: Dear God!  A road win in basketball?  What does that feel like?
15th: Presenting, the BOTC Big 12 All-Hair Team!
21st: More traditional media ridonkulousness, as the KC Star clearly has an ax to grind...for some reason.
27th: Michael Beasley is not only a great basketball player, he's also a kind-hearted human being.
30th: The Streak is Over.


5th: Bobby Knight quits.  I'm not impressed.
8th: A long, rambling analysis of our JuCo-heavy football recruiting class.
18th: Michael Beasley is a YouTube star.
20th: My case for Beasley as national player of the year.
21st: Tim Weiser leaves K-State.


5th: It was a magical Senior Night in Manhattan, especially for Clent Stewart and Stephanie Harwell.
6th: K-State's women's basketball team wins the regular-season conference championship.
10th: Official BOTC Guide to Kansas City for the Big 12 Championship.
11th: Blogger picks for Big 12 postseason awards.
15th: TB tests the new Microsoft Mobile posting device...and loves it.

It's been a great year, thanks for coming along for the ride.

We'll carry the banner high!