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Post-Game Reaction

I said most of what I have to say in last night's mobile post (see below), so I'll just dump a few stories and give you a few thoughts from Friday at the Big 12 Championship.

As usual, Joe Posnanski has a solid article, this time assessing K-State's problems and prospects this year.  Clearly this team runs through Michael Beasley, as I talked about last night, but during the 5-0 conference start we saw other players step up and contribute.  That would include Bill Walker knocking down shots and driving for dunks, or Jacob Pullen hitting threes and dishing out assists.  None of that is anywhere to be found at this point, as the leading scorers after Beasley and Walker last night were Pullen and Stewart with seven points apiece.

Good news, though, Posnanski still thinks we're in the NCAA tournament.

From Aggie Sports, here is a fuller explanation of what several Texas A&M players have been dealing with the last couple days.

Blake Griffin gets away with throwing more elbows than any player since Hakeem Olajuwon.  I saw him toss three, including one forearm shiver right to the jaw of a Colorado post player.

I'd have some reaction from the Texas-Oklahoma State game, but there really wasn't much there.  Umm, Okie State's dance team is really hot?

Speaking of rough play, from the Wichita Eagle, we hear that KU took offense to Nebraska's chippy play.  From where I sat (sixth row, behind the chickens' bench), boo-f******-hoo.  When this team leaves Allen Fieldhouse and refs actually call its guards for slapping and grabbing and pushing, it loses one of its basic ingredients.

I also find it amusing the article mentions the physical play by Nebraska, but doesn't mention Darrell Arthur's thuggish launching of Nebraska's 5'6" PG, Cookie Miller on a first-half loose ball.  It's unfathomable that he wasn't called for a technical, let alone a personal foul, on that one.