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K-State Slate, 2-29-08

Once again, I've decided to forego a "Kicking the Tires" preview of Saturday's opponent.  I'm sure y'all hear more about that team than you would like to, and we've already seen them once this year.

Unfortunately, I was unable to make it over to Beaumont today for K-State's baseball matchup with Michigan State.  That pesky flag football captain actually expected me to practice with the team the day before the big tournament.  So I spent the afternoon channeling Jordy Nelson on the football field.  I'm considering an appearance in that BMT on Sunday morning for K-State's finale in the Cardinal Classic.

Too bad I didn't make it over to Beaumont today, as the Bat Cats picked up their first win of the year by shutting out Michigan State, 7-0.  Today's win came on the heels of yesterday's heartbreaker of a 2-1 loss to Arkansas State.  In that contest, the Cats wasted an outstanding effort from Brad Hutt.

For those of you in Texas, the Cats take on Lamar tomorrow at 1 p.m., before wrapping up the Cardinal Classic on Sunday morning at 11 a.m., against Michigan State.

Shockingly, the KC Star has news to report that is intended to shed some negative light on K-State.  Apparently, Frank Martin hasn't signed a contract with the university yet.  Maybe not ideal, but you don't have to sign a piece of paper to have an enforceable agreement.

Sounds like the 'beakers are going to be a little more cognizant of Jacob Pullen this time around.  My only hope is that Pullen can step up and make a few outside shots this time around.

One thing I noticed in watching some replays of earlier conference games was that Pullen, Bill Walker and Clent Stewart seemed to do a better job of getting their legs underneath them in the earlier games.  In recent games, they've been shooting shots stiff-kneed.  Let's hope it's not a sign of a team wearing down at the end of the year.

Michael Beasley knows we need to finish strong over the last three games, and he's not backing off any of his statements this year.  Good.  If you're going to say it, own it, and stepping back now would have me worried about confidence down the stretch.

Speaking of Beasley, ESPN's Dana O'Neil notes he "is teetering on the precipice of adulthood."  The story explores again the question of whether Beasley will go pro after this year.  In the story, Beasley sounds like the picture of a conflicted young man who realizes how much fun college is but isn't sure about entering the working world.  Granted, his working world is a little different from that of others, but I can somewhat understand his conflict.

Also from the article, I have a new favorite "Beasley Prank":

He loves pranks -- when team manager Sam Schartz voluntarily crawled into a duffel bag to win a bet, Beasley one-upped the bet by dumping the manager-stuffed bag at midcourt during a dance team rehearsal -- and can't seem to avoid mischief.

But in the end, I have to sympathize with the inordinate attention Beasley receives.  I realize and ascribe to the saying "from whom much is given, much is expected," but there are some things that should be out-of-bounds.  For example...

He joined teammates at an Applebee's recently, slinking to the back of the room he thought unnoticed.

That night, the dinner play-by-play was on a message board.

That's not a criticism of K-State fans in particular, just a general lament at the celebrity fascination by which the people in this country are struck.

That's it for today.  As I mentioned, I have the flag football tournament most of the day tomorrow, so the open thread will go up early in the morning and will be open for comments all day.  And be sure to comment, because I'm sure there will be some 'beaker ridiculousness during the morning GameDay broadcast.