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Comfortably Numb

I'm sure everyone is wondering why we haven't posted much over the last few weeks.  Sure, TB gave very good reasons for his recent hiatus, but EMAW and I probably don't have much of an excuse.  Sure, there's always the usual holiday rituals: family gatherings, end of quarter and end of year projects at work that need to get done, and the time honored tradition of fighting the crowds at your local mall/shopping center/Wal-Mart.  However, to be honest, the reason that I haven't contributed much in the past few weeks is because, well, there's not much to talk about. 

Bill Snyder was officially re-hired exactly twenty-nine days ago, and we're still three coaches short of a full-staff.  So far, we've had one exciting hire (Koenning), one interesting hire (Ludwig), and four hires that were pretty much par for the course (Cosh, Clements, Latimore, and Rodgers).  Kansas State has only secured one football commitment , and while there have been others flirting with the idea of committing or transferring, not much is going on so far in recruiting.  If you look at lists on Rivals or Scout, you'll see that a handful of guys have visited so far, and not too many are lined up yet for the month of January.  Sure, that could change quickly, and it's nothing to panic about, but it just means that we don't really have a whole lot to discuss that regard.  Football is in a holding pattern right now.

Frank Martin has a young and exciting basketball team racing up and down the floor every game, but aside from three games (all losses) around the Thanksgiving holiday, K-State has been able to easily handle a series of commuter schools in preparation for their January 10 game against Oklahoma in Manhattan.  While it's always fun to root for your alma mater, you can only watch so many games against these kinds of teams before it all starts to blur together.  After this past football season, and watching several seasons of Jim Wooldridge basketball, one has to be careful before they predict great success based on non-conference competiton.  During our early season basketball preview, I had loftier expectations than TB and EMAW, and I think I've toned them down somewhat.  I expect this team to be competitive during conference play, but I'm certainly not expecting another top four finish.  It would be great if they did, but this is still a young team looking for an identity, and until they settle into their game, we're probably going to see some frustrating basketball in the next few months.

Granted, I'm rambling at this point, and I'm searching for meaningless content, but without a bowl game to write about, a full staff of assistant coaches to comment upon, or any recruits to discuss, I'm really at a loss.  Keep an eye out for our friends from the Big 12 soon though.  Something tells me that they will be making an appearance soon....

If anyone has any ideas, or you have request, feel free to shoot us an e-mail.  Our addresses are listed on the left navigational pane of the site, or there is a link at the bottom of the page.

Otherwise, if you don't hear from me (or any of the rest of the BOTC crew) soon, just know that we'll be picking up steam as soon as we get something to comment upon.  Until then, I remain comfortably numb.

Pink Floyd The Wall - Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb (via Ulfheidr)