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It's 1:30AM...


He's sixty-nine years old.  He's accomplished ten times as much as you ever hope to in your entire life.  His name is on the stadium he made relevant, and he came out of retirement because he missed "work"...

While I type this (at 1:30 AM), he's probably thinking about football.  Hell, he may still be at Vanier working for all I know.  But, would that surprise you?  No, probably not...

As you read this, you're probably sitting at your desk, surfing the 'Net, drinking some coffee, and still suffering from sleep inertia.  Or, maybe, you're just taking a break to mentally get through the day.

I just wanted to point out that you're getting outworked by a seventy year old man.  Lazy ass.  Do you think he's surfing the 'Net right now?

Get back to work!

Mr. T says, Get back to work! I Pity The Fool (via MrTsNumberOneFan)