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The Situation And An Apology

Folks, apparently the initial story that Gary Patterson had agreed to become K-State's next coach is not true.

Let me take the opportunity in this post to make two apologies.  First, I am sorry that we posted information that was apparently untrue.  We really, really do strive to post only post information we can substantiate.  At the time the posts went up, we had a link to information posted at  That information has since been retracted.  Additionally, Gary Patterson has apparently taken such steps as to call into a radio show and explain in a very unhappy manner that he is not, and almost certainly will not be now, K-State's next head coach.

Additionally, I want to apologize for doing a poor job running this blog.  In my haste to figure out what to do about this situation, I deleted three posts about it.  I realize that was a very ill-advised action, essentially amounting to censorship and a cover-up of the mistakes made earlier today.

This is a very fluid situation right now, and I promise you that me, Panjandrum, and EMAW will do our best to keep you informed as to future developments.

Mea culpa, readers.  Mea maxima culpa.