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Kicking The Tires: Missouri

Hard as it may be to believe, we actually are going to play a game this weekend against Missouri.  I feel bad for the players having to deal with all the distractions this week as they get ready for the game.  I wasn't even able to fire off some questions for the excellent bloggers at Rock M Nation, but really, how many ways can you ask, "So, how many points are you going to win by this weekend?"

So anyway, here is a look at each team's top players and overall statistical breakdown.

Players to Watch


Passing: Josh Freeman, 182/298, 2,431 yards, 15 TDs, 8 INTs, 270 yards/game

Rushing: Logan Dold, 66 carries, 295 yards, 3 TDs, 42 yards/game

Receiving: Brandon Banks, 48 receptions, 883 yards, 7 TDs, 98 yards/game


Passing: Chase Daniel, 250/324, 2,993 yards, 26 TDs, 8 INTs, 332 yards/game

Rushing: Derrick Washington, 113 carries, 708 yards, 13 TDs, 79 yards/game

Receiving: Chase Coffman, 73 receptions, 819 yards, 7 TDs, 91 yards/game

Two notes here.  Josh Freeman is actually K-State's leading rusher on the season, but I put Dold in there because he's the actual running back.  Dold has, in 66 carries, lost only three yards, which I consider a tribute to his ability to make a decision and get upfield.  He's averaging 4.5 yards per carry, which makes it a crime that he doesn't get the ball more often.

Second, I will note that Jeremy Maclin has 63 receptions for 831 yards and 7 TDs on the year.  Coffman edged him out despite being a tight end, so please note that I'm not trying to slight Maclin.

Team Statistics

Rushing Offense

K-State: 81st (129 yards/game)

Mizzou: 53rd (156 yards/game)

Passing Offense

K-State: 13th (289 yards/game)

Mizzou: 4th (358 yards/game)

Total Offense

K-State: 27th (418 yards/game)

Mizzou: 6th (514 yards/game)

Rushing Defense

K-State: 108th (210 yards/game)

Mizzou: 38th (118 yards/game)

Passing Defense

K-State: 89th (235 yards/game)

Mizzou: 113th (273 yards/game)

Total Defense

K-State: 108th (445 yards/game)

Mizzou: 86th (390 yards/game)

So, I guess, maybe, hopefully we can pass on Missouri?  I guess that's our best chance.  Of course, these are superficial statistical measures, for a much better metric go check out Rock M Nation's "Beyond The Box Score" preview for this game.  You won't know what all the measurements are unless you read the glossary, but The Boy does a very good job of explaining what the numbers mean for those who are not "BTBS" experts.

As for this week's Mizzou joke, I'm going to go kind of unoriginal with the YouTube video below.  So Chase Daniel misspoke and it sounds like he thinks Colt McCoy has a nice ass.  Big deal, though when I've watched McCoy play, I usually thought "Damn that kid has grass stains all over his jersey!"  Of course, then you can go read this story from The Missourian and feel kind of dirty and gross all over, if you make it past the first three paragraphs (I did not).

Chase Daniel's Ass-essment of Colt McCoy (via OFFSIDESwithLSUfreek)

(H/T to BOTC reader MNeff for the video)

OK, all that's over, hit the jump for my certain-to-be-wrong predictions on the other Big 12 games this weekend.

Baylor @ Texas (11:00 a.m., FSN): Gone are the dreams of 13-0 for UT, but certainly not the dreams of playing in Miami this January.  First step to recovery, a meeting with Baylor.  While Robert Griffin is sure to make an occasional big play in Austin, he'll be running for his life most of the day.

Longhorn Recovery 41, Robert Griffin 14

Iowa State @ Colorado (12:30 p.m., Versus): My first question about this game is, why in the hell did any TV network bother to pick it up!  Especially when, as you're about to see, a certain game in Lincoln was placed on freaking pay-per-view so the world could see Colorado's injury-decimated squad go up against Iowa State's thoroughly inept squad.  What a waste of good air time.

Fuffaloes 27, USC Wannabes 13

KU @ Nebraska (1:30 p.m., PPV): I realize neither of these teams is very good this year, but this should be a lot better game than frackin' ISU-CU.  Rant over, it will be interesting to see how Nebraska recovers from last week's thumping at OU.  They need to recover quickly, as KU will be riding a wave of confidence after what they did to us last weekend.  Of course, Nebraska may have some extra motivation to beat KU.  No, I'm not talking about the 76 points the 'beaks laid on NU in Lawrence last year.  I'm talking about the fact that the 31-point win over K-State last week likely sealed Ron Prince's fate.  Nebraska fans had grown kind of fond of our former coach.

Hooskers 30, Chickens 28

Oklahoma @ Texas A&M (2:30 p.m., ABC): Interesting choice by ABC for an afternoon game, and I'm guessing Aggie fans are hoping it doesn't turn out like the last one.  Seriously, though, the Aggies are improving each week of the season, and I can no longer bash Mike Sherman as the next coming of Bill Callahan.  That said, even at Kyle Field, A&M isn't ready to hang with OU.

Land Thieves 49, Sherman's March 20

Oklahoma State @ Texas Tech (7:00 p.m., ABC): For the second week in a row, Tech hosts a huge night game in Lubbock.  This week, the foe is No. 8 Oklahoma State.  Last week the Cowboys did what they were supposed to do in dispatching Iowa State with ease, while Tech won the game of the year over formerly No. 1 Texas.  It's essentially a South-division elminiation game for Okie State, while Tech looks to stay on track for a conference and natonal title chance.  It will be interesting to see if Mike Leach can get his Red Raiders back to earth and focused on this game after the monumental victory last weekend.  My bet is he can.

Pirates 38, Pokes 34