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The Search is On!


We found out on Monday that Bob Krause has formed a selection committee charged with finding a replacement for soon-to-be former Head Coach Ron Prince.  Due to the fact that the editors at Bring on the Cats are men about town and extremely plugged in to everything that goes on with K-State athletics, we thought that we would slip you the list of candidates that we've heard attached to the Kansas State job via our inside sources...

Find out our top ten after the jump!

"I am SO the right choice."

1) Gary Patterson - The current Head Coach of the TCU Horned Frogs and Kansas State alum, Patterson's name has been mentioned with the opening almost as soon as Ron Prince ‘resigned' (Eh hem).  Nearly two weeks ago, reported that Gary Patterson had accepted the head coaching position at Kansas State, but this was adamantly denied by Kansas State, TCU, Gary Patterson's agent, and Patterson himself on a radio station in Dallas.  However...while he said that he hasn't accepted the job, he hasn't said that he's not interested in it either.  Take from that what you will.


"Sixty-nine and feelin' fine!"

2) Bill Snyder - That's right.  We're not kidding.  Bill Snyder is a candidate for the job he retired from three years ago.  Obviously, the editors at BOTC don't feel like he's the right man for the job at this point, but there are a great many fans that would love to see the legend trolling the sidelines once again.  Coincidentally, a lot of these fans still think Matlock was the greatest show ever made, and all great music died with Frank Sinatra.


"I'm looking for my next short-term gig.  You interested?"

3) Dennis Franchione - There really isn't any indication that Kansas State is interested in the former Texas A&M coach, but he sure is throwing his name into the ring whether we want him to or not.  On the bright side, even though he's a coach with some baggage, inside information will be readily available to anyone with an active credit card.

"I hang banners."

4) Bud Kilmer - Sure, he's not a real coach, but honestly Jon Voight is one Hell of an actor, and him pretending to be a football coach that won twenty-two district titles may be better than a head coach that acted like he actually learned something from Al Groh.

"God bless America, Uzis, and Kansas State Football."

5) Chuck Norris - Why?  Because.  That's why.  Do you have a problem with that?  Didn't think so.


The KU Football team has this posted in their locker room.  Totally not lying.

6) Burt Reynolds - He was a star football player at Florida State, and like Jon Voight, he's a pretty good actor.  Also, his portrayal of high school football coach "Wood" Newton in the 1990's CBS sitcom Evening Shade embodies the kind of folksy charm that Kansas State fans like to see in a football coach.


Better than anyone on K-State's current staff.

7) The Winner of This Season's Madden Nation Competition - Does anyone really doubt that one of these kids could actually do a better job of coaching a defense than Tim Tibesar?  Didn't think so.  At the very least, one of these guys should get a shoot at a coordinator gig.  Rumor has it that Mike Leach actually got his start kicking ass at "10 Yard Fight", so we should get ahead of the curve on this and find tomorrow's coaching star today!


"I'm accepting applications for a drunken assistant coach."

8) Norman Dale - Sure, I'm going back to the well for another fictional coach, and this time, it's a fictional BASKETBALL coach.  However, he believes in funadmentals and defense, and those are things that our current coaching staff couldn't give two shits about.  Also, he's all about developing talent at a smaller school and winning championships.  Does that remind you of anyone else in our history?

"The secret to winning championships?  Visors."

9) Brent Venables - Because there are a lot of "in-the-closet" KSU fans that have been clamoring for his return since he left ten years ago.  His resume as the Associate Head Coach/Defensive Coordinator at Oklahoma warrants respect, but the fact of the matter is that while certain donors are still at KSU, he won't see the inside of anything but the Visitors locker room at Bill Snyder Family Stadium for a long time.

"You think Ron Prince was out of left field?  You ain't seen nothin' yet..."

10) Some Random Dude You've Never Heard Of - Because Jon Wefald is a part of this search, and this is his standard modus operandi.   Jim Wooldridge, Ron Prince, and our next head coach???  Your guess is as good as mine.  But if history is any indicator, we'll have to Google him to figure out who in the Hell he is.