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Post-Game Reaction: Wait, I've Seen This Before

Put a checkmark next to all of the following that you've seen already this season:

K-State gives up 50+ points in a game

K-State gives up 600+ yards in a game

K-State gives up 300+ rushing yards in a game

K-State fails to score 30 points in a game

K-State limited to less than 300 total yards on offense

K-State loses by four touchdowns

I hope you have a lot of checkmarks above, because if you don't, you haven't been paying any attention.  Yes, I realize we have a lame-duck coach and a group of players who are probably terribly frustrated, but getting beat like that by conference rivals is just downright embarrassing.  Normally, in a difficult season, I'd be looking forward to playing Iowa State, as a chance to get back on track.  Now I don't even care.  I really don't.  I have no desire to watch next week's game.  I have no desire to listen to it.  Maybe I will, but right now I don't have any desire to do so.

Let's take a look around the Big 12, just to get our minds off the disaster we're seeing in Manhattan.

Texas 35, KU 7: While this game was never really in question, KU made a bit of a comeback in the second half to make the Longhorns think a little.  It didn't come down to a pass interference call, although the officials made that particular call plenty of times and not all of them were good calls.  Texas is trying to stay in the hunt for the Big 12 South title and a possible BCS Title Game appearance, while KU is probably headed for 6-6 after the November 29th showdown with Missouri in Arrowhead.  At least they were the righteous ones during the Civil War.  Or not.

Baylor 41, Texas A&M 21: Can I take back my comments about being somewhat impressed by the progress Mike Sherman's team was making this season?  The Aggies took several big steps back after getting hammered in the Battle of the Brazos by a team that, while improved, is still a conference bottom-feeder.  Baylor takes a couple weeks off before traveling to Lubbock for a chance to play spoiler against Tech, while A&M plays on Turkey Day against their beloved in-state opponent.

Mizzou 52, Iowa State 20: First of all, because this happens so rarely, I want to point out how accurate my prediction for this game was, score-wise.  Mizzou wrapped up its second straight North title with the win and KU's loss to UT, and will play whoever emerges from the South in Kansas City.  Just by way of warning to whichever team from the South will arrive in the City of Fountains looking to extend its national title shot, remember what happens in the Big 12 title game in years that end in '8' when the game is played in the state of Missouri and one team arrives with national title aspirations while the other arrives merely looking for a big win.  Beware.

Oklahoma State 30, Colorado 17: The Big 12's chances of filling all its bowl slots, assuming two BCS berths, took a hit as Colorado wasn't able to overcome OSU's foggy-headed start.  Now the Buffs need a win against Nebraska in two weeks to become eligible, while Oklahoma State has a chance to validate its season with a win in the Bedlam game over OU.