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Kicking the Tires: Nebraska

Once again, the Cats welcome that mighty red scourge from the north, the Nebraska Cornhuskers.  While this game between 4-6 K-State and 6-4 Nebraska illustrates how far this rivalry has fallen, it's still Nebraska, dammit.  I'll be watching on TV and chatting with you here via the Open Gam Thread.  Here's a glance at both teams.

Players to Watch


Passing: Josh Freeman, 200/334, 2,552 yards,15 TDs, 8 INTs, 255.2 yards/game

Rushing: Logan Dold, 67 carries, 297 yards, 4.4 yards/carry, 3 TDs

Receiving: Brandon Banks, 57 receptions, 917 yards, 8 TDs, 91.7 yards/game


Passing: Joe Ganz, 231/333, 2,833 yards, 19 TDs, 9 INTs, 283.3 yards/game

Rushing: Roy Helu, 82 carries, 566 yards, 6.9 yards/carry, 5 TDs

Receiving: Nate Swift, 54 receptions, 801 yards, 8 TDs, 80.1 yards/game

Team Stats

Rushing Offense

K-State: 72nd (136 yards/game)

Nebraska: 53rd (156 yards/game)

Passing Offense

K-State: 17th (277 yards/game)

Nebraska: 13th (292 yards/game)

Total Offense

K-State: 28th (413 yards/game)

Nebraska: 14th (448 yards/game)

Scoring Offense

K-State: 20th (35.3 points/game)

Nebraska: 23rd (33.8 points/game)

Rushing Defense

K-State: 109th (211 yards/game)

Nebraska: 63rd (141 yards/game)

Passing Defense

K-State: 93rd (241 yards/game)

Nebraska: 92nd (239 yards/game)

Total Defense

K-State: 110th (451 yards/game)

Nebraska: 81st (380 yards/game)

Scoring Defense

K-State: 108th (34.4 points/game)

Nebraska: 89th (29.1 points/game)

So there you have it, folks.  It's a pretty ugly matchup on paper, but I guess that's why you play the you can prove the matchup on paper is right, most of the time.  Let's hope that NU's inexperience linebackers and suspect secondary give up some big plays to Josh Freeman and Brandon Banks.  If they don't, it's going to be a looooong day in The Little Apple.

This week, I'm bringing you bonus YouTubeage with two videos below, rather than the customary one.  The first is the ridiculous "I Love Nebraska" song by Ginger Ten Bensel (yes, that's her name) that almost became Nebraska's state song, and then a hilarious response by some law school dork in a suit.  Then hit the jump to see my predictions for other Big 12 action this weekend.

I Love Nebraska (via thomps1)


I Love Nebraska Parody (via jskrebes)

Texas @ KU (11:30 a.m., FSN): Has it really been four years since "That's right, BCS"?  My, how time flies.  No Vince Young this time as Texas travels north in November -- how did the Big 12 office let that happen -- but there are BCS hopes again on the line for the Longhorns.  Despite the clear mismatch between the teams, Burnt Orange Nation's PB was concerned that the cold weather could cause UT problems.  The forecast calls for partly cloudy skies and 43 degrees.  Not too bad, right?  Yeah, unless you're from Texas, in which case you freeze when the mercury drops below 60.  Also, apparently Texas' is being hampered by Colt McCoy's split lip, as he is now averaging only about seven carries per game.  Good thing he didn't play back in the days of option football, when the quarterback carried the ball and got hit a lot more often than that.  Oh well, none of it's going to be enough, as Texas will stifle the KU offense and have Todd Reesing on the run most of the day.

Soft Southerners 41, Chickens 20

Texas A&M @ Baylor (3:05 p.m.): I never realized there was a name for this rivalry until I moved to Texas and found it's called "The Battle of the Brazos."  Baylor is a home favorite in this one, but I've seen steady improvement from Texas A&M all season.  I'm going to go with the upset in Waco.

Sherman's March 30, Robert Griffin 28

Missouri @ Iowa State (5:30 p.m., FSN): No farewell to Dan McCarney or bogus holding call to get in Mizzou's way this time.  The Tigers wrap up their second straight North title as KU loses to UT.  Even money on whether Gary Pinkel complains about Gene Chizik leaving his starters in late in a blowout loss because it's cold outside and the fans want to go home.

Daniel, Maclin, Coffman LLC 51, Clowns 17

Oklahoma State @ Colorado (7:00 p.m., ABC): You know that feeling you get when you drank a lot the night before, but not enough to be hung over?  Kind of that foggy-headed what-in-the-hell is going on here feeling?  I think that's what Oklahoma State is going to be like in this game.  Not really hungover, but just a little unsure of what it has left to play for now that it's out of the South division race.  A sluggish first half leads to a Cowboy awakening in the second thirty minutes.

Gundy's Men 45, Battered Buffaloes 27