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K-State Slate: 11/14/08

In going through the newspapers and other blogs today, there was just too much good stuff out there not to bring it to you on the front page.  It's going to be a busy day here at BOTC.


On this day in K-State history: Enjoy.

Kansas State v. Nebraska 1998 (via slacker905)

Gotta love at the end, when Keith Jackson says: "So, it's a good night, from the happiest place on earth.  Manhattan, Kansas."


More on the coaching search: As we mentioned Wednesday night, Gary Patterson's family doesn't see him taking the job.  Today, Austin Meek has a story in which he talks to several high school coaches in Texas who know Patterson, as well as Patterson's agent.  The gist of it is, maybe things aren't over with Patterson after all.  Meek also notes in his Powerchat blog that within hours of calling the coaches, TCU called him.  Interesting, indeed.


Why we love Frank Martin, part 1,029,493: Panjandrum posted the rankings for K-State's 2009 basketball recruiting class yesterday, and the numbers speak for themselves.  Meek has a story in the TCJ today about Martin in which Martin notes that recruiting is getting easier for this staff.

"I've been punched in the mouth before, and I'll be punched in the mouth again. I'm going to get back up and go after the next one. You can't say, 'We're Kansas State, we're not supposed to recruit somebody.'"

Finally, a coach who doesn't say "oh, woe is me, I have to convince recruits to come to Manhattan" and just gets out there and gets the job done.  Also, Jeffrey Martin has a perspective on UConn transfer Curtis Kelly over at K-Stated, who will be eligible to play in the 2009-10 season.

Those are today's links.  Stay tuned for Q&As with Corn Nation and Big Red Network, as well as the Kicking the Tires post later this afternoon.