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BOTC Focus Group: Road to Apathy

This week, we discuss, well, not very much because we've all pretty much reached a level of despondency that is more conducive to ironic remarks than actual analysis.  As usual, if you want to participate in future Focus Groups, email me at bringonthecats @

The questions...

1.  If the Cats lose this weekend to Texas A&M, will they win another game this season?
2.  As a follow-up to that, what does Ron Prince have to do to keep his job for 2009?
3.  With games such as Texas/OU, LSU/Florida and Mizzou/Okie State on TV, am I insane for going to College Station to watch a battle for the Big 12 cellar?
4.  Your attitude about K-State football right now is...
5.  Kyle Field is widely considered hallowed ground in college football.  Other than Bill's House, what is the best college football venue you have experienced? 


1.  I highly doubt it.  So far, A&M has looked like the bottom of the barrel in the Big 12 conference.  Not to say that we've looked much better, but at least we avoided losing at home to a Sun Belt team.  My fear is that if we drop this game to the Aggies, any hope for this team will be long gone, and the season will be cashed in.  I don't think Colorado, Nebraska and Iowa State look like they're that much better teams than us, but a team without hope won't beat anybody.
2.  He has to get us to a bowl game.  Not just bowl eligible, because six wins really ought to be obtainable any season, especially with the built in wins in the non-conference season.  Right now, I'm not sure we get a bowl at six wins, because a six-win season will likely mean we haven't defeated anybody that is even moderately competitive.
3.  Probably, but y'all knew that anyway.  I'll watch the first quarter or so of the Red River Shootout at the tailgate, and should be able to get back to Houston in time for most of Mizzou/Okie State.  But honestly, even if the teams are bad, a game at Kyle Field is worth a trip, and I highly recommend everyone get there at some point.
4.  Dejection, and nearly apathy.  I sat through the Tech game until the morbid end, but I got to a point where I almost didn't care what was happening on the field.  My apathy is pretty much a survival reflex, because if I cared as much as I usually do while that was going on in Bill's House, I might have hurt myself or someone around me.  It's the same reason my golf clubs occasionally get to experience flight when I play poorly, because I care too much about playing good golf.
5.  Let's eliminate the venues I have experienced, in order of worst atmostphere to best.  Memorial Stadium in Lawrence?  Other than the fans repeatedly calling me a Purple Pussy and telling me to go back to Manhattan, there wasn't much atmostphere there.  The Floyd in Waco?  Gag.  The stadium is sinfully ugly and the pregame prayer has a rather quieting effect on that venue.  Royal-Memorial Stadium in Austin?  Not bad, but there was something about the atmosphere in the stadium that did a little less than raise goosebumps and get my blood pumping.  The loudest it got was when Vince Young came out for the pregame coin flip.  Memorial Stadium in Lincoln?  Now we're getting warmer.  It's not nearly as loud as an 85,000-seat stadium should be, mostly due to the ladies and gentlemen of advanced years telling the whippersnappers to sit down and get a rabies shot.  But it's an enjoyable venue.
So yeah, I guess I am saying that Kyle Field is my favorite venue.  The fans are genuinely nice and welcoming, the traditions -- other than some of the stupid shit the Corps of Cadets does -- are a part of what makes college football great, and the fans really get into the game.


1.  Absolutely not.  However, if they win this weekend - they might be
able to get another win or two somewhere along the way.  Right now,
fan support is at an all-time low, and if they drop this one... the
only person who will still think we have a shot to win a game will be
Crazy Robert.

2.  Word on the street (so take it for what it's worth) is that The
Vanier Family isn't happy.  If the Vaniers ain't happy... well, you
know the rest.  Ron Prince is going to have to convince them, along
with other big time donors that it wouldn't be an investment ($1.2
million investment) to can him.  What that takes at this point?  If I
was giving that kind of money - I'd need us to beat A&M, CU, KU, NU,
and ISU.  I have a better chance at winning the Heisman than K-State
does of winning all those games.

3.  No, you're not crazy.  That's why God invented DVR... or Al Gore,
whoever it was.  I was going, but due to the fact this trip was
planned by girls with little to no away game experience - we're not
going anymore.  I really wanted to have the opportunity to experience
College Station while I was young.  But I guess I'll have to wait
until I'm 28... unless we're kicked out of the Big 12 by then.

4.  It's kinda like ewww with a little bit of urggghhh.  Honestly,
I've never felt this bad.  It's strange though, I'm not even mad
anymore, just embarrassed.  Usually at games I'd be yelling and
getting all excited.  It took all I had to stand up on third down and
yell.  I just couldn't make myself care.  I shouldn't say I couldn't
care... that's not really it.  I was just at my breaking point
Saturday.  I couldn't give anymore without getting something back.
Something that made me think the coaches, administration, and yes,
even the players cared half as much about K-State as I do.  I haven't
felt that for 2 seasons now, and the fire in me has been burnt out.

5.  I've only been to crappy stadiums.  I've never been anywhere in
the south.  I've only been to KU, CU, ISU, and MU.  I was there 2
years ago for MU's Homecoming game.  Apparently, Homecoming (whatever
that means in college) was invented at Mizzou.  Anyway, they make a
really big deal out of it - so it was pretty cool.  It was a packed
house, with the exception of their student section (weird).  At
K-State, Homecoming is only mildly important to you if you're a greek.
 At Missouri, I had non-greek people I know harassing me about
scheduling K-State for Homecoming because they wanted a game they
could win.  To which I said, "Who cares about Homecoming?"  And I am


1.  No.  There wouldn't be a chance.  You can tell by the body language of the players that they give up as soon as they lose the lead, and this defense couldn't stop a soft breeze, so that's going to happen pretty often.

2. He's going to have to win two conference games with one of them being Kansas, or he's going to have to win six games and go to a bowl game.  Anyone else here think three conference wins are likely?  Me neither.

3. Nope.  It's always fun going to road games.  Of course, most of my experiences were back in college, and half of the fun was just hanging out in a different town, and checking out the new (eh hem) scenery.  Who plays, or how your team plays, is inconsequential.  The only silver lining for the rest of the season is that you get to enjoy all of the other nuances of the game without caring whether or not we win.  Doing so at this point would be folly.

4. Meh.  It's just meh.  I think I'm more excited about the possibility of what could happen after the season than I am about what happens the rest of this one.

5. I really liked Colorado.  Yeah, the fans were awful, but the stadium was beautiful.  All of the mountains, the temperate climate, and the stadium actually being right on the campus was really, really neat.  We just walked out of the stadium and started wandering around.  It was very scenic.

But the fans are still God-awful.


1. As of right now the Cat's are doing just as I thought in the beginning of the season (record-wise). A loss here wouldn't be that shocking since it's an away game at Kyle Field. Although I am trying to be optimistic here, but two conference wins are still on the bottom end of my prediction.
2. There's a lot of talk comparing Prince to other coaches in the first couple years in their tenures. Prince is still ahead of a few of them in terms of rebuilding years. But then again, he didn't inherit a complete shithole program like KU's back in 2002. So that in mind, I think if he doesn't win a conference game this year he should be out. Just unacceptable to anyone's standards. Now if the Cat's don't get to at least 7 wins next season, sorry Ron, but you are the weakest link. Goodbye.
3. I don't consider myself insane. And since I'll be going to College Station with you TB this weekend, you are hereby acquitted of any and all insanity charges. The only game I'd even probably go out of my way and watch if I had the option would be the Mizzou game. I don't care for SEC football or either UT or OU.
4. Kind of like my sex life. A little frustrated, but have been in this situation before........
5. I'll keep with TB and rate from worst to best:
Northwestern - my god there can't be anything nice to be said about this one. The stadium felt sterile, the crowd was low in numbers and in enthusiasm, and the level of football looked like a Div. 2 offense going against a Div. 1 defense - on both sides of the ball.
Indiana - A little bit better on the atmosphere, but still the crowd and tradition just didn't exist. On the other hand I did get to watch Antwan Randle El tear it up in college.
Illinois - I have been there, but it was too early in life where I don't really remember it. So it goes here by default.
Texas - More of a disappointment here. Too much "boring" tradition. Like TB said, no goosebumps there.
Colorado and Nebraska Tied - I didn't really experience the "fans" at Colorado, but didn't experience the "class" at Nebraska either. Either way fans don't bother me. Both had really nice stadiums. Enjoyed both atmospheres.
Wisconsin - I went there the game Ron Dayne broke the NCAA career rushing record (at the time). I don't know if the atmosphere was up for that, but it was a blast. We were up in the nose-bleed's around a bunch of older Badger fans and it honestly felt like I was in a student section. Great in-game traditions to keep the crowd involved and on it's feet. I highly recommend taking in a game in Madison.

TB: Damn, ksubailey, I was really looking forward to seeing you in College Station this weekend.

ksubailey: I'm still going to Boulder, and as of now - Missouri.

TB: Oh, good.  Thanks goodness.
We're going to have a regular BOTC git-together out in Boulder, with me, mystman, and ksubailey there.

(10 minutes later)

TB: Man, this thread is dead.  Y'all must be really busy at work.

(Two hours later)

Panjandrum: If you're going to Boulder, I suggest two things:

1) Park your car far away from the stadium, and take a car with non-Kansas plates

2) Wear a helmet

You should be fine.  I'd say take an iPod to listen to on the way to the stadium so you don't hear them hurl insults at you, but at the same time, I find a lot of the insults kind of funny.  I've always found it humorous to hear an nineteen-year-old kid call me a 'loser', while he's walking around in Birkenstocks and a Grateful Dead t-shirt he bought at Hot Topic.

mystman995: Maybe I'm the only person on earth who didn't have a bad experience with the fans in Boulder. Sure there was occasional "K-State Sucks" and "You're going down" thrown off in the distance, but nothing vulger and out of the ordinary. Then again it probably helped I was staying/walking around with a buddy who went there with his friends...
Can't spell cunt without CU!!!!
I'm sorry, that was uncalled for. I apologize.

Oh and one more, my all-time goofiest sounding remark:
Buck the Fuffaloes!

Panjandrum: There were a lot of "You suck!" chants.  That's fine.  I wasn't physically threatened or anything.  They're just a pretty hostile group, that's all.

I've heard some people say that they had things vandalized there, but I can't confirm it with my own eyes.  The only place I've ever actually witnessed vandalism was in Lawrence.  Those bastards are classless, and I refuse to ever watch a football game there again.

ksubailey: I had a positive experience with CU fans last time I was there.  Everyone had me really worried about it.  Most of the people there were too stoned to know that a football game was taking place.

I've had terrible experiences in Lawrence as well.  When I was a freshman in college - a group of guys piled themselves on top of my car after the basketball game.  I've been called a variety of names there too.  Am I just being sensitive, or is it really disgraceful for a bunch of dudes to yell profanities at a couple of girls?

TB: That's what I would refer to as "micro phallic syndrome."

mystman995: The only people who can throw unwarranted vulgarities towards another are guys who act half their age, because we know they're retarded.
Now if there were no profanities and/or sexual reference and it's all in good fun, anyone is fair game. This is what makes college football and their rivalries the greatest sport to follow.

ksubailey: That's true.  I guess I just miss the days when I could turn to them and say, "We've beaten you the last 11 years in a row.  Shut up."

Panjandrum: When I was in Lawrence for the game in 2004, my wife (then girlfriend) were walking back to my car after the game.  A guy, who I would guess to be in his late 30's-early 40's said, "You guys are assholes," as we walked by.  However, he was looking directly at my wife when he said it. 

If she wouldn't have told me that she wasn't interested in bailing me out that night, I was ready to throw down. 

That's why I'll never go to a football game there again.  Basketball's not so bad because people aren't usually consuming the same amount of alcohol.  However, drunk KU fans are, pound-for-pound, every bit as vile and disgusting as the infamous Colorado and Missouri fans.

TB: I think there was a lot of pent-up energy released that night.  That was also my first, and only, encounter with the Sunflower Showdown in Lawrence.
We need a new subject.  This is just pissing me off.

EMAW: [Something about not being able to participate because of work, blahblahblah]