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The Unasked Questions

Things are starting to reach a tipping point around BOTC, and we're only one game into the Big 12 schedule. So far this season, we are learning a lot about our coaching staff, our players, our fans, and our administration. These new discoveries have led to hundreds of questions, many of which have been beaten like a rented mule.

Well, it's time to take a look at some of the questions that might have gone unasked....up until now.

Question 1: Should Ian Campbell sue Tim Tibesar and Ron Prince for collusion?
For the past two seasons, we have watched Ian transform from an absolute defensive machine to a token player who is lucky to be in position for 3-4 tackles a game. Against Texas Tech he failed to record a tackle for only the second time in his career. In his sophomore year of 2006 he recorded 67 tackles, 17.5 of those for a loss.

Last season he only had 45 tackles and 11 TFL, which would make one believe he suffered through a bad year at a new position. However, we are seeing the effects that a bad defensive system can have on a talented player. Any sacks Ian records this year have been on his own and should not be a credit to a great blitz package. His skills, attitude, and leadership abilities should have provided us a great cornerstone for a tolerable defense. Instead, Ian has suffered through two seasons of frustration and having to put up with a system that doesn't emphasize it's greatest asset.

Question 2: Be honest, how many of you are secretly hoping Josh Freeman continues to struggle so he doesn't enter the NFL after this season?
Let me first state that I have the upmost admiration of Josh and his abilities as a player and leader (probably next to only Ron Prince). I personally hope he succeeds each time out because that means he's giving KSU a better chance to win. He represents K-State well and I hope he goes on to dominate in the NFL, whether it's this year or next.

But, after talking to a few K-Staters, there is some hope that Josh keeps giving NFL scouts reasons not to take him in next April's draft. He can only help this program next year, especially if we have everyone back on the offensive side of the ball. I can't help it, I'm a selfish man and would love to see him continue ripping apart secondaries and bowling over linebackers while also adding to the K-State records he already holds. There's no doubt he'll be playing on Sundays. I can't help but think there are more of you out there who hope he delays his ride into the sunset with a few more 13 for 28 efforts against teams who can run through our defense like a bowl of bad chili.

Question 3: If a #7 Texas Tech team is good enough to beat us by 30 at home, how bad could it get against Oklahoma?
Ummmm.....moving on.....

Question 4: Will Bob Krause hire the next K-State football coach as AD or UP?
Disclaimer: I don't ask this question as an attempt to fan the flames.

No, my main intent is to show that I believe Krause is next in line to take over as University President when Wefald steps down next year. From the outside, it might not be a bad idea from an athletics standpoint. Krause would then be given the power to hire the new AD, thus allowing him to hire someone he feels will be able to fill the position that he just had to endure. Not only that, but Krause would give us another president that knows the value of athletics for a university. Will this happen? Considering the fact I think it could, then probably not. But, hey, it was a question begging to be asked.