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Kicking the Tires: Colorado

A season that started off with high expectations for the Colorado Buffaloes has taken a sour turn the last three weeks.  While CU wasn't quite expected to contend for the Big 12 North this season, most probably expected them to be better than last year's 6-7 campaign.  After three straight losses in which the Buffs have exhibited almost no offensive punch, frustration is settling into the moun-ain air.

Here is a brief look at both teams and this weekend's matchup.

Players to Watch


Passing: Josh Freeman -- 111/169, 1,509 yards, 12 TDs, 2 INTs, 251.5 yards/game

Rushing: Logan Dold -- 40 carries, 202 yards, 2 TDs, 5.1 yards per carry

Receiving: Brandon Banks -- 29 catches, 573 yards, 6 TDs, 95.9 yards/game


Passing: Cody Hawkins -- 108/191, 1,016 yards, 11 TDs, 6 INTs, 169.3 yards/game

Rushing: Rodney Stewart -- 92 carries, 453 yards, 0 TDs, 4.9 yards/attempt

Receiving: Josh Smith -- 19 catches, 259 yards, 3 TDs, 37 yards/game

Team Stats (national stats, via

Rushing Offense

K-State: 59th (149 yards/game)

Colorado: 97th (114 yards/game)

Passing Offense

K-State: 21st (267 yards/game)

Colorado: 83rd (195 yards/game)

Scoring Offense

K-State: 8th (45.29 points/game)

Colorado: 81st (22.5 points/game)

Total Offense

K-State: 31st (418 yards/game)

Colorado: 99th (310 yards/game)

Rushing Defense

K-State: 96th (181 yards/game)

Colorado: 85th (168 yards/game)

Passing Defense

K-State: 105th (260 yards/game)

Colorado: 50th (195 yards/game)

Scoring Defense

K-State: 94th (29.8 points/game)

Colorado: 78th (27.0 points/game0

Total Defense

K-State: 111th (442 yards/game)

Colorado: 70th (360 yards/game)

Just when I start thinking the defensive stats for K-State can't look any worse, they do.  Of course, Colorado fans are probably thinking the same thing about their offense, but K-State's defense is kind of like a hospital, in that it's where ailing offenses go to get better.

Below is his week's Kicking the Tires YouTube, and here is a link to my past tribute to Colorado fans.  Predictions for the rest of the Big 12 are after the jump.

Cartman introduces Colorado's starting lineup (via demonswords11)

Texas Tech @ Texas A&M, 11:00 a.m. (FSN): Let's see.  The Aggies gave up 450+ yards and 44 points to K-State.  K-State gave up 600+ yards and 58 points to Texas Tech.  No, this is not logically connected, but I have a feeling the Aggies are in for another tough loss at home to a team they passionately hate.

Pirates 56, Soldiers 17

Nebraska @ Iowa State, 11:30 a.m. (Versus): Whatever good feelings the Cyclones may have had from playing KU tough at home two weeks ago were probably squashed in last week's drubbing in Waco.  Of course, Nebraska comes into the game 0-2 in conference play, too, and apparently has not entirely shaken its defensive woes from last year.

The 0-2 Team From Lincoln 34, The 0-2 Team From Ames 20

Baylor @ Oklahoma State, 2:00 p.m.: Mike Gundy better be a man this week and get his team's attention on the team they're playing this weekend, because if he doesn't, Robert Griffin may have a rude surprise in for the Cowboys.  I think Gundy will be up to the task, primarily because he emphatically stated he was.  He should also be more comfortable sitting by himself and game planning along the sideline in his home stadium.

Tiger Slayers 51, Robert Griffin 24

KU @ Oklahoma, 2:30 p.m. (ABC): I have to imagine that a loss to Texas in last week's RRS is the last thing that school down the river wanted to see.  It means they are all but guaranteed to get one pissed-off bunch of Sooners in Norman this weekend.  Ryan Reynolds' absence in the middle may hurt, but I doubt KU's going to be successful running on OU anyway, and Todd Reesing won't beat the Sooner defense by himself.

Mack Brown's Bitch 42, KU 21

Missouri @ Texas, 7:00 p.m. (ABC): How big is this game for Missouri?  The Tigers' national championship hopes hang in the balance, as does (probably) Chase Daniel's Heisman hopes.  The Longhorns will be riding high after last week's big win in Dallas, and will be returning home where 92,000 screaming fans await. If for nothing other than North pride, I want to see Missouri win here, but I don't think they will.

Colt's Crew 35, Shattered Dreams 31