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The Kindness of Michael Beasley

I don't care how busy you are or how much you think "oh, just another link from stupid blog guy." Go read this story at  Thanks to D. Scott Fritchen and the staff at for bringing out this excellent story.

Ever since it became known that Michael Beasley was coming to K-State, we had heard the stories about his past indiscretions.  I guess you have to have something else to talk about other than how incredibly good he is on the basketball court.  Now we get one that shows that not only did we recruit an incredible player, we also got one heck of a good human being, too.

To summarize the story for you, although you really need to go read the whole story, at the women's basketball game against Colorado after the men's team had defeated Texas A&M, an 11-year-old boy with leukemia went down to stand by his cousin at halftime.  He wanted a better view of the halftime show.  But he didn't have a seat, so he was standing in the aisle, and the crackerjack security team at Bramlage told him he couldn't do that.  Beasley noticed.

Beasley informed the usher, "Oh, he's just going to hang with me."

What makes it even better is, Beasley didn't know the kid at all, and certainly didn't know he had leukemia.  He just did it so the boy wouldn't have to go back up to his seat while the Marching Cobras were performing.

Michael Beasley may only be at K-State for one year.  But he is certainly carrying the banner high.