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The Friday Five With CrossCyed

With a conference tilt against Iowa State coming up in 24 hours, CrossCyed from the SB Nation blog Clone Chronicles was kind enough to answer some of my questions about the Cyclones.  CrossCyed had some questions for me, and you can see my answers at his site.

BOTC: First, I've gotta know...why on earth hasn't Wesley Johnson started every game this year.  Was he hurt?

CrossCyed: Yup, that's precisely it. He tweaked his ankle just prior to the beginning of the season...he has just been 100% since about the Vegas tournament. He's a special player (though his game against KU had a Kobe Bryant-like rate of jackin the ball up there, which I don't like). Fact is, I doubt we lose to UNI and Bradley with a healthy Wes.

BOTC: What do you expect Greg McDermott will do to stop/slow down Michael Beasley?

CrossCyed: I'd expect Rahshon Clark, as our best defender, to draw the defensive assignment on him, and hold on tight. I don't think we'll do anything special for him...I'd rather have him try to beat us than some guy having a career night, which seems to happen a lot. We'll also try and slow the pace down...a lot.

BOTC: This may sound odd considering he's averaging 12 points and 7 rebounds per game, but do you think Jiri Hubalek is underachieving?  I expected more out of him this year, and he is one of the players who worries me this weekend.

CrossCyed: He was also hurt at the beginning of the year, much like Wes, with an injury in the foot. He's one of the most frustrating players I can remember since I became an ISU fan. He can carry us to victory, but he can also completely disappear, like he did against KU. We tend to go as he goes...not so much with just a good statistical game, but when where he plays smart and has good shot selection and works the boards.

BOTC: How did the brother of Carlos Boozer choose Iowa State?

CrossCyed: Must be the weather.  (The low in Ames yesterday was 8 below.  That must be it. -- Eds.)  We were by far the biggest school to offer Charles...the only BCS offer that I know of. He really should be redshirting right now...

BOTC: Give me your keys for a successful Cyclone afternoon, as well as what you define success as (i.e., winning, good showing, looking functional, etc.).

CrossCyed: Well, our recent play, save the Kansas game, has raised my expectations enough to think that we COULD win any game in the Big 12...but Saturday may honestly be one of our toughest games of the year. We've never played too well at Bramlege. It's weird having fans in there. I would expect KSU to win by 10 or so. I think the Cats are a Top 25 team. But I also think that a well played game by the Cyclones could end well for us. I won't be too broken up if we lose unless we lose badly.