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Big 12 Weekend Roundup, 9/9

I probably wasn't able to watch as many Big 12 games as last week, but I still got to see a fair amount.  Instead of flipping between OU/Miami and Nebraska/Wake Forest, I watched NU/WF almost exclusively because OU made sure its game was never really in doubt.  I watched the A&M/Fresno State game almost beginning to distant end, then listened to K-State on the radio while watching Texas/TCU.  Finally, I flipped between Auburn/South Florida and Colorado/Arizona State, but after AU lost, I was tired and went to bed.  That said, here are my impressions from week two.

Result: Defeated Wake Forest, 20-17
Lee Corso probably said it best on GameDay yesterday when he said Nebraska...but closer than the experts think.  The experts, if you consider Las Vegas bookies experts, said Nebraska by eight.  Obviously it was closer than that, and left Nebraska with a lot of question marks it didn't have after last week's 52-10 beating of Nevada (who blew a big lead and lost, 36-31, to Northwestern yesterday).

The dominant running game NU exhibited against Nevada apparently went up in smoke this week, as the Huskers gained only 115 ground yards against Wake.  Sam Keller (24/41-258-1-2) had decent stats but missed a lot of open receivers and threw two picks.  He also looked like Michael Flatley from Riverdance with his happy feet in the pocket at times, only not as graceful.

It's possible NU was looking ahead to USC next week, and you really can't blame them.  We'll find out next week.  It's hard to tell how good NU is at this point, as they have so far beat up on a team that lost to Northwestern and squeaked by a team that lost to Boston College (a pretty good team, by the way).  Next week we'll find out how good (or not good) NU is.  For more on the Huskers, check out Corn Nation.
Up Next: USC (1-0, idle, previously defeated Idaho, 38-10)

Iowa State
Result: Lost to Northern Iowa, 24-13
Just when you thought things couldn't get worse for the Cyclones, they do.  Losing to an FCS team is frustrating although, after Appalachian State last week, certainly not unheard of.  But losing to an in-state team from a lower division is punishment I would only wish on my worst enemy.  The Cyclones put up decent stats against UNI, but committed four turnovers en route to an 0-2 record.  A full review should be up soon at Clone Chronicles.

I really can't find much of a bright spot for the Cyclones right now.  Next week they face their hated intrastate rival, the Iowa Hawkeyes, in Ames.  Anything can happen in a rivalry game, especially at home, but a loss to the Hawks at Jack Trice would really hurt this team.  Good luck, Clones.
Up Next: Iowa (2-0, defeated Northern Illinois and Syracuse)

Result: Defeated Ole Miss, 38-25
Although I didn't see or hear anything from this game, it looked from afar eerily similar to last week's game against Illinois.  You know, Mizzou jumps out to a big lead (28-7 at halftime) behind Playstation numbers from Chase Daniel, Mizzou defense suffers a bunch of brain-farts to let opposing team back in the game (18 second half points), then holds on for the win.

Again, there's not much to criticize about Mizzou's offense.  Daniel's stat line goes 31/43-330-5-0.  Damn.  Tony Temple ran for 123 yards, and Mizzou gained 229 rushing yards total.  But oh, woe is that defense.  Ole Miss put up 534 yards and 25 points on Mizzou, after scoring on 23 and gaining only 275 the week prior...against Memphis.  Coach Gary Pinkel has three more weeks before he will really need that defense, and he has some work to do.
Up Next: Western Michigan (0-2, losses to West Virginia and Indiana)

Result: Defeated Southeastern Louisiana, 62-0
Ho-hum.  The 'beaks play a FCS (formerly I-AA) team and, to put it mildly, thrash them.  All the stats look impressive, but SELA was 2-9 last year in I-AA, so I can't take much from this game.  For more, visit Rock Chalk Talk.
Up Next: Toledo (0-2, losses to Purdue and Central Michigan)

Result: Lost to Arizona State, 33-14
The Buffs jumped ahead, 14-0, in this game and for a moment I allowed myself to think that maybe CU was really back and might beat Arizona State.  

I never said I'm not prone to momentary (or longer) stupidity.

After CU's initial burst, this game was all Sun Devils.  Colorado was outyarded almost 2-to-1, giving up 407 yards to ASU.  As impressive as QB Cody Hawkins looked early, he ended up awful (15/42-155-1-1).  At least CU gets to play at home next week...
Up Next: Florida State (1-1, lost to Clemson 24-18, defeated UAB 34-24)

Result: Defeated Miami, 52-13
The Sooners have fairly clearly established themselves as the most impressive team in the league so far.  This game was never really in doubt, and the question mark (QB play) coming into the season has been erased.  Sam Bradford torched Miami, putting up 19/25-205-5-0 numbers.  OU's running game was underwhelming with 116 yards, but that's a real nit-pick.  More information can be obtained from the Crimson and Cream Machine.
Up Next: Utah State (0-2, losses to UNLV and Wyoming)

Oklahoma State
Result: Defeated Florida Atlantic, 42-6
I know nothing of this game other than the stats I just pulled up as I wrote this, so any comment I have on this game would be incredibly unintelligent.  I'll note for the record that FAU beat Middle Tennessee State in week one, and if you'll recall, MTSU is the team that put up 42 points on Louisville this Thursday.  On the other hand, that Georgia team that whupped Okie State last week was dropped by the Ol' Ball Coach and South Carolina yesterday.  In other words, the jury is still out on Okie State, and likely will be until they play Texas Tech in two weeks, although overlooking next week's opponent would be a mistake.
Up Next: at Troy (0-2, losses to Arkansas and Florida)

Result: Defeated Rice, 42-17
In a battle between God's private school and Mammon's private school, the forces of religious conviction prevailed convincingly.  OK, sorry, I've been reading too much BearMeat lately, but the Bears were impressive after being blanked by TCU last weekend.  Somebody figure out what got into QB Blake Szymanski, who was only 29/46-412-6-0.

Rice sucks, and I love it.
Up Next: Texas State (1-1, defeated Cal-Poly, lost to Abilene Christian)

Texas Tech
Result: Defeated UTEP, 45-31
This is another game I didn't see or hear anything of.  For full coverage, check out Seth over at Double-T Nation.  Certainly some nervous moments in this one as Tech fell behind 28-17 at half, but there were some bright spots as well.  Graham Harrell had a big day (yeah, it's sad I can't think of a better way to describe a Tech QB's performance) going 48/64-484 and four touchdowns.  Freshman wide receiver Michael Crabtree is really making a name for himself, as he had 15 catches for 188 yards and two touchdowns.
Up Next: at Rice (0-2, losses to Nicholls State and Baylor)

Texas A&M
Result: Defeated Fresno State, 47-45 (3 OT)
I watched most of this game and came away fairly unimpressed with A&M, outside of occasional flashes of solid play.  In the first half, the Aggies jumped out to a 19-0 lead, and Stephen McGee was running the Aggie offense well, if not spectacularly.  In the second half, it was almost like the teams had switched jerseys, as Fresno began rolling through the Wrecking Crew (Wrecking Who? as my friend put it) and tied the game.   The 12th Manchild can provide a better picture of this game than I have, so go check it out.

The overtime was kind of ridiculous, as the referees made a mess of a replay on what should have been a fumble at the goal line before their amnesia cleared up and they remembered they had thrown a flag for roughing the passer.  Big 12 officiating continues to be an embarrassment to this league.  I am sick of hearing "the previous play is under review."  Replay is a great thing, don't get me wrong, but it can be overused, and it seems to me Big 12 officials are leaning too heavily on it.
(Rant off)
Up Next: Louisiana-Monroe (0-2, losses to Tulsa and Clemson)

Result: Defeated TCU, 34-13
After the first half, I was ready to throw the towel in on the Longhorns.  TCU led 10-0, and looked ready to stake its claim to being the Big 12's overlord.  However, in the second half, the Horns woke up and remembered how to play football and went on a frog-gigging expedition.  Colt McCoy had a decent game, and Jamaal Charles gouged the Frogs' stingy defense for 134 yards rushing.  For full coverage, check out PB over at Burnt Orange Nation.
Up Next: at Central Florida (1-0, defeated NC State)

I sincerely hope to get a post of my reactions to yesterday's game up sometime today, but schoolwork is piling up all around me and it might be a little shorter version this time.  The K-State week-in-review will almost certainly not be up today, check back tomorrow.