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Looking Ahead: San Jose State

The San Jose Mercury has reported SJSU's starting running back, Yonus Davis, is out for this weekend's game with a bum ankle.  Apparently that's not SJSU's only issue at running back, as backup Patrick Perry is out for the year.  Things are so bad, the starting running back for this weekend may be a wide receiver, and a defensive back is moving over to running back to provide depth.

To read my preseason preview of the K-State/SJSU game, click here.  In that preview, I picked a 27-13 win for the Cats.  At this point, I'd call that score a disappointment.  The Spartans were run, 45-3, by Arizona State last weekend.  We don't know how good ASU is, but I'd like to think our defense is at least as good as the average Pac-10 defense.  Giving up more than 10 points to SJSU would be a letdown after last week.

Back in Manhattan, the media is relieved to hear Ron Prince still considers the running game important.  Josh Freeman also says he's OK after a supposedly rough night at Auburn.  Really, other than Groves' blindside hit, Freeman's only pain was self-inflicted by his crappy slide.  Auburn recorded a lot of quarterback hurries, but only two sacks.  So we know our offensive line can do just enough to protect Freeman against a great front seven.

Also, for all the morons saying Alesana Alesana sucks after watching one game in which he lined up against the best defensive end in the nation, it's not just me who thinks you're a moron.   Ron Prince agrees.

I've got to do a better job of protecting a young player or an inexperienced player, and I didn't do a good job of that.

OK, so he didn't call you morons.  It was just me.  But he agrees with my point that it wasn't Alesana's fault.  Nobody in the country can block Quentin Groves 1-on-1, and Prince didn't adjust when he needed to.


In my original post about the men's basketball schedule, I noted the game site for the Florida A&M game was still "TBA," which I considered odd because I assumed it meant we might actually play in Tallahassee.  In reality, it's listed as TBA because the athletic department is trying to negotiate a deal to play the game at the new Sprint Center in Kansas City.  Great idea, in my opinion.  Hope it goes through.