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Tuesday Commentary

I almost didn't believe it when I saw this headline on the KC Star sports page this morning...

" K-State Not Overlooking Texas"

My first reaction was "well no shit?"  But when you actually read the article, it makes a little more sense.  Apparently the players feel like their friends on campus are focused more on the KU game in two weeks than this week's contest in Austin.  That doesn't really surprise me.  Most of the people up there obviously aren't going to Austin for the game, so it's not an 'event' on their radar.  Sure, they'll watch it on TV, but they won't be a part of it.  And chances are, they don't have many friends who are Lonhorn fans who will be tough to live with for the next year should the Cats lose.

Last week I noted a KC Star article where linebacker Justin Roland said cornerback Josh Moore would be back for this week's tilt with Texas.  Apparently that wasn't true, or isn't true yet.  The Wichita Eagle has a more positive spin on the situation, quoting safety Gary Chandler saying,

"I'm not for sure what the situation is going to be," he said. "But we're gonna see sometime this week."

Sounds like there's a chance he could yet be reinstated this week.  The KC Star blurb is less optimistic.

The KC Star's Blair Kerkhoff ranks the Cats the sixth best team in the conference.  It's kind of an interesting ranking.  He has K-State behind Oklahoma, Texas, Missouri, Nebraska and KU, in that order.  Somehow, Nebraska gained a spot from last week after surviving a 41-40 shootout with and giving up 600+ yards to...Ball State.  And KU's 55-3 win over winless Florida International was impressive enough for a three-spot bump, from eighth to fifth.  Up north, the Omaha World-Herald's Lee Barfknecht still has the Cats the North.

Speaking of Barfknecht, there is more to talk about in the Mike Gundy saga.  Barfknecht excoriates Gundy in this article, calling his postgame rant "juvenile."  Barfknecht claims the applause came from boosters in the back of the room, but does not establish a source for that, and does not claim to have been there.  It's interesting that Barfknecht failed to provide substantiation for his claim, because he conveniently overlooked the fact that the author of the article that pissed Gundy off in the first place did not substantiate any of her claims, either.

For a more measured take on the Gundy issue, check out this article from the Wichita Eagle's Bob Lutz.  It basically takes the tack that Gundy chose the wrong method of delivery for a justified grievance.  I tend to agree.  Whereas Barfknecht takes the knee-jerk position of sticking up for a fellow journalist despite obvious mistakes, Lutz recognizes the obviously lacking quality of Jenni Carlson's column.    

Oh, and did I fail to mention (again) that the Daily Oklahoman is owned by the same Gaylord family whose name is on the University of Oklahoma's football stadium?  Strangely, that's not being noted in the mainstream media.

If you have any doubt about where players would stand on Gundy's actions, look no farther than K-State's own Reggie Walker.

"To me, I think it was good he stood up for his players, because a player wants to be respected by his coach," he said. "But I think he kind of could have calmed down. I'm not really thinking too much of that."

The Capitol-Journal has another article detailing the Big 12 schedulemaker's cruelty to K-State, as this weekend's trip to Austin will mark the NINTH CONSECUTIVE YEAR K-State has begun its conference slate on the road.  That absolutely can not be chalked up to statistical coincidence, but I've already written extensively on this topic and don't need to further elaborate here.

The Topeka Capitol-Journal's Pete Goering has a nice article about K-State volleyball in Ahearn Fieldhouse.  It really is a shame the men's basketball program abandoned that old barn.  One of my biggest disappointments is that I am (way) too young to have ever seen a basketball game there.

Stay tuned this week for more K-State-UT coverage.  We will have an interview with PB over at Burnt Orange Nation, if I ever manage to find something intelligent to ask him about UT.  If you have any questions you would like answered, submit them in a comment on this story or email me at