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Big 12 Weekend Roundup

I didn't get to watch every game yesterday, obviously, because not all of them were on TV.  But I did catch at least parts of all the games that were on TV.  I should note that we shouldn't read too much into first games, because we don't have any idea how good or bad the opponents will be this year.  Here is what I noticed from our conference brethren...

Result:  Defeated Colorado State, 31-28 (OT)
I was fairly impressed with what I saw of Cody Hawkins.  He made a lot of nice throws and seemed like he knew the offense like, well, a coach's son.  CU's defense wasn't as good as I would have expected, giving up 28 points and 386 yards to CSU.  But overall, a pretty good start for the Buffaloes.  Certainly better than last year.
Up Next: @ Arizona State (1-0, defeated San Jose State 45-3)

Result: Defeated Illinois, 40-34
Chase Daniel was good, but then we knew he would be.  Mizzou's defense was bad, which was also expected.  So bad, in fact, that Illinois out-yarded Mizzou, 435-429.  Giving up that many yards and points to a team that was 2-10 last year has to be a concern.  Looks like Mizzou is going to have to rely on putting up big numbers and hoping its defense gets in the way just enough.
Up Next: @ Ole Miss (1-0, defeated Memphis 23-21)

Result: Defeated Nevada, 52-10
Given the way the Huskers played, maybe this year's "Nebraska Air Force" theme should be traded for a "Nebraska Bulldozer" theme.  The Huskers ran the ball 70 times, for 413 yards.  Sam Keller was underwhelming compared to what some had predicted from him, but he was serviceable when he didn't force the ball.  Good defensive effort to hold Nevada to 185 total yards.
Up Next: @ Wake Forest (0-1, lost to Boston College 38-28)

Iowa State
Result: Lost to Kent State, 23-14
First years are generally rough years for coaches.  And first games are often the worst, just ask Dan Hawkins (lost to I-AA Montana State) and Ron Prince (almost lost to I-AA Illinois State).  There is room for improvement for the Clones, but this is probably going to be a rough fall in the frigid Iowa hills.  Just don't drop to 0-2 next week...
Up Next: Northern Iowa (1-0, defeated Minnesota State 41-14)

Result: Defeated Central Michigan, 52-7
I absolutely did not see this coming.  During the first quarter of the K-State game, I noticed the score and commented to my buddy that I couldn't believe how bad KU was murdering CMU.  Todd Reesing had a nice day, nice enough that Mark Mangino may not feel the urge to play musical quarterbacks for at least another two quarters or so.  Also impressed by the defensive effort, now it will remain to be seen how good CMU is this year with a new coach.
Up Next: Southeastern Louisiana (0-1, lost to New Mexico State 35-14)

Oklahoma State
Result: Lost to Georgia, 35-14
I caught the beginning of this game between the end of the Mizzou game and the start of the K-State game.  Bobby Reid and the offense had a few moments against the Bulldogs, but moments don't add up to wins.  I was also unimpressed by an Okie State defense that I had pegged to be pretty good this year, giving up 376 yards and 35 points.
Up Next: Florida Atlantic (1-0, defeated Middle Tennessee State 27-14)

Result: Defeated North Texas, 79-10
Kind of hard to learn anything when you play a team with a new head coach (a high school coach, at that) and the team has won a total of five games the last two years.  Still, the Sooners did exactly what a good team should do to an overmatched opponent.  We'll find out a lot more next week at 11 a.m.
Up Next: Miami (1-0, defeated Marshall 31-3)

Result: Lost to TCU, 27-0
Coach Guy Morriss' decision not to announce his starting QB until gameday certainly had TCU fooled.  Maybe BU and ISU fans can get together and form a football anonymous group for this year.  You better beat those rich snobs from Houston next week Bears...
Up Next: Rice (0-1, lost to Nicholls State 16-14)

Result: Defeated Arkansas State, 21-13
Can't say much about this game because I saw none of it.  Texas fans are understandably upset about the result, and I can't blame them.  But it's a first game, it doesn't necessarily mean much for the rest of the year.  Look at the bright side, you could have scheduled TCU last night instead of next week.
Up Next: TCU (1-0, defeated Baylor 27-0)

Texas A&M
Result: Defeated Montana State, 38-7
Again, I didn't see any of this one.  Impressive rushing attack with Stephen McGee, Mike Goodson and Jorvoskie Lane, and the defense bottled up a I-AA team like it should.  I have to think McGee's passing is a concern though.  That shoulder surgery this offseason may have taken away his zip, considering he was 10-20 for only 112 yards.  That running game and offensive line are going to have to be outstanding to beat good defenses without a passing threat.
Up Next: Fresno State (1-0, defeated Sacramento State 24-3)