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Tuesday in an Off-Week

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Off weeks obviously bring no on-field news, but there is plenty of worthwhile news off it.  Let's plunge right in.

Good news could be on the way for the banged-up K-State secondary.  The KC Star reports cornerback Joshua Moore could be back in uniform in Austin in 11 days.  It's nothing official yet, but linebacker Justin Roland sounds pretty sure of it.

"We get Josh Moore back next week. That will help a bunch"

Stay tuned.  In other news regarding the game against Texas, the game will be televised regionally by ABC, and will kick off at 2:30.  Of course, I don't really care about the TV, because I will be in attendance, but those who can't make it to Austin will be thrilled, and it is good advertising for K-State.

The Sunflower Showdown (SS) is officially a sellout this year.  Possible television for the game will be announced next Monday, September 24.  The other Big 12 games that day include:
Oklahoma vs. Texas
Nebraska @ Mizzou
Oklahoma State @ Texas A&M
Iowa State @ Texas Tech
Colorado @ Baylor

Obviously the Red River Shootout is going to be on TV.  It would also be a fair bet the Nebraska/Mizzou game is ahead of the SS in the TV pecking order.  I'm pretty sure there are four TV slots that day, meaning we are probably in good position for a TV appearance on October 6.  Okie State has been a disappointment and Texas A&M hasn't been as impressive as expected, but both will figure in the South race and command much larger markets than K-State/KU does.  But I can't imagine the game falling behind ISU/Tech and CU/BU.  I sure as hell hope so, because I can't make that game and really do not want to listen to it on the radio.

Jordy Nelson was up for USA Today player of the week.  I did my part, but Nelson came up short in the voting, finishing five percentage points behind Florida Atlantic's Rusty Smith.

The Star's Blair Kerkhoff rates the Cats sixth in the conference.  The Omaha World-Herald's Lee Barfknecht has them the North.

K-State is among the 10 schools Wichita super-recruit Arthur Brown is still considering.  The others?  Florida, USC, Alabama, Oklahoma, North Carolina (?!), Miami, Georgia, Georgia Tech and LSU.  I love to see K-State lock up in-state recruits, and I would be thrilled if Brown chose the Purple and White, but I've expressed misgivings about Brown's "mentor" (Brian Butler), and I stand by those misgivings.  Also, the next time I get excited about a recruit will be the first time.

Head coach Ron Prince turns 38 today.  Happy birthday, coach!

It's not K-State news, but Nebraska hasn't practiced in full pads for almost a month.  Can someone who has more inside knowledge of college football tell me if this is normal?  I would think you want to prepare your players for a contact sport with...actual contact.