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K-State Football Preview from the Omaha World-Herald

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Today's Omaha World-Herald continues its march toward previewing each Big 12 program's football season.  Our Wildcats were the subject of today's prognostications.

I shouldn't have to tell you the OWH is heavily Husker football-centric.  Lead columnist Tom Shatel, despite being a Mizzou grad, is quite the Husker homer.  As AJ the HuskerH8er points out, he's not above writing about Husker football every day...including days in March.

Anyway, being a K-State preview in a Husker football paper, the article starts out with the obligatory cheap shots at K-State, mentioning the assistant coaching defections and the firing of longtime equipment manager Shorty Kleinau.  It also features a picture of departed quarterback Allan Evridge.  Unsurprisingly, it overlooks the transfer of Harrison Beck and the "non-retention" of Doak Ostergard from Nebraska's football program.

The article is not without redeeming value, however.  It makes the following, interesting point that I had not yet thought of:

It's not far-fetched to think that K-State could come to Lincoln 4-2 in the league. An upset here could scramble the North title race.

Being 4-2 at that point is entirely possible.  Here are our first six conference games:
@Texas (probable loss)
vs. KU (probable win)
vs. Colorado (probable win)
@ Oklahoma State (more than likely a loss)
vs. Baylor (probable win)
@ Iowa State (more than likely a win)

If we win the games we should be favored in, that's 4-2.  A win in Lincoln makes 5-2, with only a home game against Mizzou remaining.  But winning in Lincoln is much easier said than done, and even beating Mizzou in Manhattan will be difficult this year, unless Mizzou folds down the stretch like it did last year.